Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

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Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

Few months back, I published a post about Ancient Greek Civilization. And now, as I am shifting my focus towards information-based stuff, I thought to write about those Ancient Greek people who casted an impression, a legacy that haven’t overshadowed even now. We only know about Pythagoras (Thanks to his Pythagoras Law), Alexander and Aristotle may be. But there are many others. So here are 21 most influential Ancient Greek Peoples.

Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

1. Hippocrates of KosHippocrates of Kos

A 5th-century BC physician. Many people consider him the most influential person in the history of Medicine. He is also known as the father of the Western Medicine. In Middle Ages, Muslim scientists employed his techniques and this led to more discoveries in the field of Medicine.

2. Thales of Miletus

Thales of Miletus

He was a 7th-century BC pholsopher and mathematician from Miletus. Along with Solon, he was one of the “Seven Sages of Greece” (Seven Wise Men). He gave a very famous advice/maxim known as “Know thyself“.

In mathematics, he used geometry in order to find height of Egyptian Pyramids and distance of ships from sea shores etc. Also a First ever person to whom a mathematical discovery is attributed.

3. SolonSolon - Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

Solon of Athens, as it is suggested, was an Athenian Lawmaker and poet too. He is known for his reforms against political and moral decline of Archaic Athens. His reforms were ineffective initially though, he is accredited to have laid the foundations of “Athenian Democracy”.

Famous Quote: “Keep everything with moderation”

4. Democritus


A 5th-century BC philosopher, mostly known because he formulated the Atomic Theory (Yeah, that very same Atomic Theory we were taught at primary classes: matter is composed of discrete units called atoms)

5. Herodotus

Herodotus - Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

Herodotus is widely as the first ever Historian and the Father of History. He was the first person to arrange his collected material into a Historiographic manner. Though, not much is known about his own life.

6. Leonidas I

Leonidas I

Yes, I am talking about the Leonidos I of Hollywood film 300. He was a Greek warrior of city-state Sparta. he led the Greek forces against Persians in Second Greco-Persian War.

7. Archimedes

Archimedes - Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

He was an inventor, ‘engineer’ and mathematician etc. He is mostly known for his military-based inventions like his Siege engines and Mirrors to harness and focus the power of the Sun, as well as some other useful inventions like levers, pulleys and Archimedes’ Screw etc.

He also produced mathematical formulas for different shapes and calculated the value of Π or π (Pi).

8. Pythagoras


Although he never devised a mathematical formula by himself (his followers did that), he is one of most famous Ancient Mathematicians. The famous Pythagoras’ Theorem belongs to him.

9. PericlesPericles - Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

Like leonidos I, he was also a Greek statesman and a general who led them in many successful victories.

10. AristotleAristotle

Aristotle was a Classical Greece philosopher. He was Alexander – The Great‘ tutor and Plato’s Student. He did many writings on topics related Physics, Biology, logic and poetry etc. Many Early Muslim intellectuals referred him as “First Teacher”.

11. Homer


Homer was a Greek poet of poems with epics such as Iliad and Odyssey on his credit.

12. SocratesSocrates - Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

Accredited a one of the founders of “Western Philosophy”, Socrates was a Classical Greek Philosopher. His famous students were Plato and Xenophon. He was trialled and executed because he had done two ‘acts’ (according to accusers): “failing to acknowledge the gods that the city acknowledges” and “introducing new deities“.

Nonetheless, his legacy remains there even after two thousand years of his death.

13. Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great

No need to introduction, you know very much about him. One of the greatest conqueror of all time. Even other conquerors after him, like Julius Caesar and Hannibal – the Carthaginian found him very inspiring.

14. PlatoPlato - Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

Plato was another Greek Mathematician plus Philosopher. He had very diverse interests such as poetry, logic, rheotic and religion etc.

15. Anaximander


A pupil of Thales, he is the first philosopher is history who have written down his work. He also did some other work in Cosmology, Geometry and politics etc.

16. AnaximenesAnaximenes - Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

A great pre-Socratic philosopher, he is best known as best friend/student of Anaximander.

17. ParmenidesParmenides

He was a philosopher belong to Elea. He had a major influence on Plato, and in turn, Western Philosophy.

18. Anaxagoras

Anaxagoras - Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

He was the first one to bring philosophy to Athens.

19. Zeno

Zeno - Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

Zeno of Elea was also a philosopher who is referred as the inventor of dialectic. He is also known for his paradoxes.

20. Leucippus


A 5th-century BC philosopher, he was the tutor of Democritus.

21. XenophanesXenophanes - Top 21 Most Influential/Famous Ancient Greeks

He was Greek social and religion critic who lived in 5th-century BC.



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