Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

Cases and Covers are necessary for any mobile phone to prevent it from any harm. A good Protection Case can protect your smartphone from Drop and Shock etc. So having posted about Galaxy S6 wallpapers, I thought that it is a nice time to list some  good Cases you can use for your new Samsung Galaxy S6. So here we begin:

 Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases and Covers

1. Seidio DILEX Pro Case:

Seidio DILEX Pro Case - Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

Seidio’s DILEX pro Case can be nice option as a Case for your Samsung Galaxy S6. It has two interlocking layers that will protect your smartphone against Shock and Dust. It also features new Hexguard Technology. whose purpose is to provide an extra cushioning – in case, your device is dropped. On outer surface it has soft-touch coating which will help it in sliding in and out of the pocket/purse.

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2. Samsung S-View Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6:

Samsung S-View Flip Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6

Now here we have Samsung’s very own S-View Flip Cover. As many of you may know, it is given alongside many other smartphones by Samsung. But in case you don’t have one, here is a nice chance to get it now.

It has many good features. First it protects your screen too, you will easily flip it to access screen. Even if closed, this cover provides access to critical features through an interface – it is done by Samsung’s ID chip. Due to this feature, you can check time, other status items, weather and other things etc. You can even control your music directly through this cover. On activity menu of S-View, you can view all  notifications – in case you miss something.

You can even capture images directly through cover – without even opening it. Just swipe to left, and you’re done.

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3. Speck CandyShell Grip:Speck CandyShell Grip - Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

If you want to have a fool-proof protection for your Galaxy s6, then you must try this case. It is passed though military-grade drop testing process. Its rubber stripes ensure that it will not slip from your hands. It has a hard outer surface inside a soft interior surface. At last, its raised bezels protect your screen to get harmed.

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4. Galaxy S6 case by Caseology®:

Galaxy S6 case by Caseology® - Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

Made from a material called Thermoplastic Polyurethane, this case is highly resistant to scratches, dirt and oil ensuring you a feel-good look of hard, solid case. But that doesn’t mean it is short on any shock-absorbing attributes, when compared to any good soft case. For improved access to all ports, buttons and cameras etc., all cutouts are very precise.

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5. Galaxy S6 Case by OBLIQ:

Galaxy S6 Case by OBLIQ - Top 5 Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

The previous case which we discussed had Thermoplastic Polyurethane as the protection material. But in addition to this material, Galaxy S6 case by OBLIQ also has Poly carbonate. Hence, it has a dual-layered protection. It also has a Kickstand feature through which you can stand your Galaxy S6 on a desk – in case of watching a film. It is also Compatible with Wireless Charging Pad.

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