10 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers And SEOs

10 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers And SEOs

Chrome Extensions For Bloggers And SEOs

Whether you’re new in Blogging or, already having a good time in it, you’ll notice that it isn’t that easy and you have to check about a lot of things.

Well, here is the solution. I am presenting you a list of 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers and SEOs. This list is Unordered and many extensions are used for checking SEO metrics, Link Building and checking different Ranks etc. So here we begin:

10 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers and SEOs

Alexa Traffic Rank: Download

Alexa Traffic Rank - Chrome Extensions For Bloggers And SEOs

Ever wished you can find Alexa Rank of a site without going to Alexa.com and interrupting our browsing experience? Well here it is, your wish has came true. Using this handy extension, you can check Alexa Rank of a particular site, without any interruption.

You should also know that it is the only chrome extension that puts you in Alexa Traffic Panel.

Meta SEO Inspector: Download

Meta SEO Inspector

It is an extension which gives you an overview about the Meta information hidden in a web page like Meta tag, Nofollow info, various Scripts, Microformats and Canonical attributes etc. If your Meta data isn’t according to the Google guidelines, a warning will be generated.

But one problem is that it is primarily targeted for web developers who want to check whether Meta information on their site is accordingly to Google Guidelines or not. Its design also demands a lot of improvement in it.

Google Webspam Report: Download

Google Webspam Report - Chrome Extensions For Bloggers And SEOs

As Google is continuously striving to improve its algorithm, it is also encouraging us to report spam URL. A report is than sent to google about that have violated Google Webmasters Guidelines by using spam report in Google Webmaster Tools.

Google Webspam Report contains some other tools to help you in this purpose like a button to report currently viewed page and options to retrieve recent URLs or searches from your Chrome history. It should be mentioned that you’re needed to be logged into your Google account to report spam.

Web Scraper: Download

Web Scraper - Chrome Extensions For Bloggers And SEOs

Main purpose of Web Scraper is to extract Data (usually URLs), from Web pages. Using this tool, you can analyze a particular Web page (or your competitor’s site) to check how many links are coming and going from that page and from where they are coming. It can seriously help you in determining whether a particular website using a spammy-links or not.

In this extension, at first you create a plan about how are you going to traverse a site and what sort of information you want to extract from that site (like URLs etc). All the data will be extracted and saved in an excel sheet of .CSV extension.

It has one more unique attribute that it can also extract information from Dynamic pages (pages, which use AJAX and/or JavaScript to load).

SEOquake: Download

SEOquake - Chrome Extensions For Bloggers And SEOs

SEOquake is a very useful SEO-tool that is basically used for checking different metrics of a particular site. These metrics mainly include Google PageRank, Alexa Rank and other SEO properties like Nofollow link, Whois link, SEMrush (a keyword analyzer) Rank, Webarchive age etc.

You can use this extension to determine a Keyword Competition from a particular keyword. It will list SEO metrics of all the ranking pages. From which you can determine how tough it is for you to be on top of Google Ranking for that particular Keyword.

In short, if you’re new in SEO you should definitely use this to find your feet in this hugely expanding niche.

User Agent Switcher: Download

User Agent Switcher - Chrome Extensions For Bloggers And SEOs

Ever feared that how your website is looking in some random mobile browsers? If yes, then you should give this extension a nice try. With this app, you can switch between user agents, Spoof URLs that you want to and do SEO mobile audit.

In this way, you can make sure that your site works fine on both Desktop and Mobile browsers.

Mozbar: Download


MozBar is an SEO extension developed by SEOmoz. You can analyze different on-page seo factors and how tough is to get ranked for a particular Keyword. If you dig deeper, you can inspect each page, that is on top rankings, one-by-one. You can check Backlinks, Validity of links, Schema.org validity of Markups for any particular age.

With MozBar, you can have Custom Searches based on a particular, country and city. And you can also check social shares of a page like Facebook Likes, Tweets from Twitter and Google plus’s +1s etc. You can also do some in-detail analysis of SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

Majestic Backlink Analyzer: Download

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Backlink Analyzer shows you strength of a web page by calculating all of its Backlinks. One noticeable thing in this extension is that rather relying on a particular Third Party source for calculating backlinks, it calculates them all at RunTime. Besides this, this extension also shows Citation Flow and Trusted Flow score of a web page right on its URL bar.

It also gives information about other things such as Link count, Sub domains, Root level and Two Flow metrics score, that I listed in previous paragraph.

Goo.gl URL Shortener: Download

Goo.gl URL Shortener

Short URLs are very crucial, when you are using them in Tweeting. Tweets, in turn, can boost your Social Metrics and in Long Terms, probably your site rankings. Keeping that mind, you should pick a reliable and speedy URL shortener, as you may know, all of URL shorteners are not equal.

goo.gl URL Shortener is a nice URL Shortener that uses Google’s URL-shotening service known as goo.gl. It’s pretty simple to use, when you want to have a shortened URL of a particular page, when click on this extension (you can also create its shortcut), shortened-URL will be copied to your clipboard. And that’s it, you’re done.

Open SEO Stats: Download

Open SEO Stats

Formerly also known as PageRank status, it is another much-needed extension good for your SEO campaign. With this extension, you can gauge quality of a particular web page. Merits for checking quality of a web page are Quantcast Rank, Compete Rank, the more famous PageRank and Alexa Rank etc.

In addition of above properties, this extension can also give other information such as Indexed pages, Backlinks, Whois link, Cached pages, Social Signals and much more.

Often touted as the top SEO extension for Chrome, it also give you information like Domain information such as DNS lookup and WHOIS lookup, also Geo location information such as IP address, city and country. For Site security, it uses McAfee SiteAdvisor, Norton Safe Web and WOT.


Web Development: Download

Web Development - Chrome Extensions For Bloggers And SEOs

As a blogger, you may also have an encounter with a little bit of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. For this purpose, this extension can help you. Other than that it is also very popular among Professional Web Developers with over 700,000 downloads. It is also available for Firefox.

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