10 Best Free IOS Games To Play In 2015

10 Best Free IOS Games To Play In 2015

10 Best Free IOS Games To Play In 2015

One of my earlier posts on this site was about Chrome extensions. So in this post what I am doing is broaden up that category. Due to this, I am writing a post about 10 Best Free IOS Games you would love Play in 2015. These games belong to different genres like Endless Running, Tower Defense, Sports Game etc. For Paid IOS games on iTunes, you can read my post about Best Paid IOS Games 2015. So here we get started:

WWE Immortals: Download

WWE Immortals - 10 Free IOS Games To Play In 2015

WWE is a fighting game based on WWE superstars. In this game,we have a 3-on-3 battle between two competitors. You can use swipe and tap on screen in order to perform Different Combos and Signature Moves. Things in its favor, are its amazing graphics, online multi player option.
In this game, you can increase your power, upgrade your character and change your Roaster. There are 25 WWE superstars available for in-app purchases. Superstars are classifies into 3 different categories like Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Asphalt 8: Download

Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is the latest installment in the very popular Asphalt racing franchise. In this game, you have 6 different game modes to choose from, like Classic, Versus, Knockdown and Elimination mode etc. There are a total of 13 different city-bases locations and 31 unique tracks.
Its feature include 80 events in Career mode, Amazing Visual effects, Simultaneous multi player option (up to 8 players at a time), licensed music of good quality and a hell lot more.


FIFA 14 - 10 Best Free IOS Games To Play In 2015

FIFA is a football game and the latest game in the very popular FIFA series. It features 30 different leagues, 500 different club teams and more than 15000 licenses football players. It also features more than sixty stadiums including popular ones such as Camp Nou, Anfield etc.

It has very easy to use game play.  You can tap to pass, swipe to shoot and drag to move etc. It is very well-praised by critics and users alike.

Into the dead: Download

Into The Dead

Into the Dead is a first-person and Endless Running game, in which you have to run and survive, as long as you can, in a Zombie packed environment. Its gameplay is pretty easy and stunning with amazing graphics and sound. Although it was released way back in 2012, it is still popular, particularly on ios platform. Upon its release, it was well received both by customers and critics. Critics such as Gamezebo and Multiplayer.it particularly praised this game for its intense atmosphere.

Subway Surfer: Download

Subway Surfers - 10 Best Free IOS Games To Play In 2015

Like Into the Dead, Subway Surfer is a game belong to Endless Running genre. In this game you have run as hard you can. Because you have been seen by a Railway Inspector, applying Graffiti on Railway Station and now, he and his dog are trying to catch you. Now its up to you, for how long, you can survive them and other Obstacles like Trains etc.

Deep loot: Download

Deep Loot

Deep loot is an Adventure game, based on a underwater theme, in which you have to dive as far as you can, in order to discover a hidden treasure which consists of gold coins. According to its developers it is “infinitely explorable”.
On its game play, you simply have to dive, collect coins and in process discover new sea creatures. Every dive of yours will consume some air. So in order in dive farther, make sure you have enough resources. Its other features include different boosts, ships and several types of missions.

Plants vs Zombies 2: Download

Plants vs Zombies 2

Build on the huge success of original Plants vs Zombies, Plants vs Zombies 2 is the second installment in this franchise. Simply defining, it is a Tower defense game. In this game you manage different sort of plants that have unique qualities, to prevent their house from invading by the scary Zombies.
Its gameplay is very easy and simple. You will place your plants into battle field, and try and restrict the Zombies, which come and different waves. Even though released in 2013, it is still quite popular. It is also well praised by Critics such as ign.com and Edge Magazine etc.

Smash hit: Download

Smash Hit - 10 Best Free IOS Games To Play In 2015

Smash is a First Person game, in which you are in an apparently other dimension. While you’re moving forward (automatically), there are many obstacles moving in front of you in the form of Glass-like walls. You have to just tap on that wall in order to throw balls on that wall and hence, break them. But wait, have I told you that you’re ball Supply is limited?.
Its graphic are very colorful and it also has great Background music. Other than this, it has different audio and music effects for each of its stages.

Hero Academy: Download

Hero Academy - 10 Best Free IOS Games To Play In 2015

Hero Academy is a Turn-based tactic game. In this game two player move their unit and attack each other’s unit in order be the first to either destroy other player’s crystal or destroy all of his units. One player can have one or more crystals. Each turn will allow you a maximum of Five moves.
This currently has six factions or teams such as Dark Elves, Dwarves, Council , Shaolin, Team Fortress 2 and The Tribe etc. Its main features that were applauded by critics for it easy to learn nature. customization and colorful plus lighthearted graphics.

Jet car stunts 2: Download

Jet Car Stunts 2 - 10 Best Free IOS Games To Play In 2015

This game is sequel to the original Jet Car Stunts game. In it, you are controlling what is a hybrid between a Jet and a Car. Now all you have to do is to drive that hybrid. There are many features in this game such as 7 different car to choose from, 120 levels and 4 different modes to play game.


Zen pinball: Download

Zen Pinball - 10 Best Free IOS Games To Play In 2015

As its name suggest, Zen pinball is a Simple Pinball game. What differentiates it from some other ordinary pinball game are its stunning graphics and other quality features. Talking about its features, it is worth mentioning here that it has many tables like Street fighter II and Excalibur etc. Table is like a particular theme in this game. Like Excalibur features a Medieval theme including King Arthur and Co. whereas Street Fighter II has characters from Street Fighter franchise.


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