10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2015

10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2015

10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2015

It’s 2015 and a career as a Programmer is better than it ever was. So if you want to pursue a career in programming, you may wonder what is the Best Programming Language To Learn for you. Or if you’re a pro, you may be thinking that which language is in demand now-a-days.

To answer these questions, we have compiled a list of 10 Best Programming Languages To Learn in 2015, no matter if you’re a newbie or pro.



Javascript or simply written as JS, is a client-side scripting language. It is a dynamic and interpreted language.

Reasons to Learn:

  • It enables you create dynamic web pages with highly responsive interface.
  • You can also code in JS even you’re offline.
  • JS loads a segment of a Web page, if and when user needs it, without reloading that entire page. This functionality is commonly known as AJAX.


  • As it is client-side language, without server-side language you can access databases.
  • With JS, you cannot load pages, which are hosted on a different domain.
  • Very powerful language it is, it cannot write anything to the server files without sending AJAX request.
  • It is lot more dependent on browsers, on which it runs.


C - 10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2015

Pronounced as See, C is one of the oldest Programming languages but still popular even these days. Main reason behind its popularity is its lower-level than other high-level languages. You can do manipulation at hardware level using this powerful language.

Reasons to Learn:

  • It has been around for more than 40 years, it is quite mature language. Many issues and errors have been removed
  • Considering above argument, it is the de facto Programming language taught to beginners.
  • It is used in creating Operating Systems, Language Compilers, Text editors and other standalone programs.


  • There is no run time checking in C. As program gets lengthier, it’s difficult for new programmers to find errors.
  • No strict type-checking. You can pass an integer value to a Character.
  • No Object-Oriented programming in C.


PHP - 10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2015

Unlike Javascript, PHP is a server-side scripting language that it is usually installed on web servers. But it can also be used for conventional programming.

Reasons to learn:

  • If you want to build web apps that manipulate with data, you will need with language, alongside MYSQL (a database).
  • It is very reliable.
  • It has the right process model. As each request is different from other, any memory leak, infinite loop or other bugs will not get your server down.


  • Since it is not modular, it is very hard to maintain and not suitable to build large standalone applications.
  • Also as it is weakly typed, newbie programmers can get confuse after seeing unexpected results from implicit conversion (conversion from one datatype to another).


Java - 10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2015

Java is a general purpose and Object-Oriented  High-level programming language. It was designed with keeping as few dependencies as possible. Java language was created with principles such as “secure and robust” and “architecture-neutral and portable”, right in the mind of developers.

Reasons to Learn:

  • It is very easy to code, compile and debug in Java.
  • You can port your program into any other machine without having to recompile it.
  • It is multithreaded. Unlike other programming languages, Java don’t need OS-specific procedures to do multithreading. A program can do multithreading within itself.


  • Java lacks unsigned integer types.
  • Java also lacks compound value types like Structs in C/C++.
  • There is no enumerating data type in Java, C++ have it.



Built on the success of C, C++ is another popular high-level language. It is also often called middle-level language (in-between Low and High level). Like C, it is also used for low-level memory manipulation.

Reasons to Learn:

  • One major advantage that it has over C, is Object-Oriented Programming. With OOP, there are other by-products such as Inheritance and Polymorphism in C++.
  • It is one of the fastest programming language, due to its closeness to Computer Hardware.
  • You can write different types of applications like video games, music players with C++.


  • Like C, C++ doesn’t do error checking  on run time. If you access illegal index (out of range) of an array, it won’t alarm you. It will only crash your program on Run time.
  • Like C, it doesn’t do strong type checking.
  • It doesn’t have garbage collection.



It is a very popular High-level language used for general purposes. It can be used for different programming styles like Imperative and Functional or Object-Oriented programming etc.

Reasons to Learn:

  •  Code written in Python resembles very much to English language with words like ‘not’ and ‘in’ etc.
  • It is used in building any project (website or software) quickly. If same program is written in Python and any other language, Python will generate fewer line of codes.
  • It is used for writing all kinds of Scripts.


  • Due to its “easy-to-use” nature, it usually spoils new programmers, who find it difficult when coding in other languages like C++ or Java etc. So I would advice to learn it after some time other languages like I mentioned above.
  • It is somewhat slow when compared with other programming languages like C++ or C etc.
  • In Python, you cannot comment out a large block of code.



Swift is relatively new language (only 1-year-old). It is multi-paradigm and compiled language. It was announced by Apple Inc. in 2014.

Reasons to Learn:

  • At introduction, it was told to be more ‘safer’ than Objective-C (Main language used in developing for Apple Products).
  • Its code is pretty concise and smaller than that of Objective-C.
  • It’s very easier for new programmers for adopt.


  • A large number of libraries are only available in Objective-C only.
  • For now, Swift-development community doesn’t even exist whereas existing community of Objective-C development is huge.
  • It is quite dependent on Objective-C code.


Ruby - 10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2015

Ruby is also a well-known dynamic and general purpose High Level programming language. Like PHP, it supports multiple programming paradigms such as imperative, functional and Object-Oriented.

Reasons to Learn:

  • Principle of conciseness is very much implemented here. Like Python, it requires much fewer lines of Code to solve a particular problem.
  • Easy to learn. Any person with basic Programming Skills can learn it with great ease.
  • It runs faster than PHP.


  • Handling of Multiple processes is much better done in other languages like Python etc.
  • Whenever a new syntax of Ruby is used, older one is deprecated. That’s very hectic for programmers.They have to re-write that old code into new better syntax.

HTML5 and CSS3:

HTML5 and CSS3 - 10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2015

As you may know these are actually two languages. HTML 5 is the newest version of HTML language and CSS 3 is the latest standard set of Cascading Style Sheet language (CSS). But very good languages they are, one is completely useless without other. That’s why I’ve mentioned them together.

Reasons to Learn:

  • No more JavaScript and Flash for animations. CSS3 will do that.
  • Also less JS means your site will load faster and be more responsive.
  • In HTML 5 there are semantic tag. Like <audio> and <video> tag
  • HTML 5 is also essential for developing Online Games.


  • Browser support has been a major concern of HTML5 and CSS3. No browser till now supports all of the CSS3 specifications fully.
  • These two languages are relatively new and ever-changing when compared with other languages. And hence, not mature enough.
  • These are not conventional programming languages like C++, Java etc. Rather these are used for web Development, for which very little programming language is required.



Haskell is a general purpose and purely functional High level programming language. It is strictly and strongly typed language.

Reasons to Learn:

  • It has clear syntax which is inspired by different Mathematical notations.
  • It has lazy evaluation feature. Even if you make an error, you don’t use it in run time, it works fine.


  • Performance of a Code can much difficult to evaluate.
  • Problems which you can solve in other languages easily, can be sometime difficult to solve in Haskell.



SQL - 10 Best Programming Languages To Learn In 2015

Unlike other programming languages, SQL is a special-purpose programming language that is used for managing data in RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management System).

Reasons to Learn:

  •  As queries are needed to retrieve large amount of records from database quickly. It is pretty fast.
  • As it is more than 40-year old, it is very stable and uses well-established standard set.
  • Basic SQL is pretty easy. You can learn it without doing any extensive amount of Coding.


  • Although, you’re not required to do a lot of coding in it, its interface is pretty complex. Even more complex than writing to few Lines of Codes.
  • Every object occupies a lot of space.


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