10 Best Reasons To Learn Spanish

10 Best Reasons To Learn Spanish

10 Best Reasons To Learn Spanish

Last month, I wrote a post about 10 reasons why should Learn a Second Language. In that case, the few languages I advised were Spanish, French, German etc. Spanish is simpler to learn than the other above languages. So here I am writing about the 10 Reasons why you Should Learn Spanish.

A Global Language:A Global Language - 10 Best Reasons To Learn Spanish


Spanish is present in four different continents, with being the National language of more than 21 countries. It is world’s Fourth largest language after Mandarin, English and Hindi. In Europe, it is the second most popular language after English.


If you ever go to a Spanish-speaking country as a tourist, you will definitely miss something if the only language you can speak is English. If above is the situation, you can only go to famous tourists spots and have same tour routine as other. On the other hand, if you know a little bit about Spanish, you can ask locals in helping you explore all big and little beautiful areas of that city.

Attractive To English Speakers:Attractive To English Speakers - A Global Language - 10 Best Reasons To Learn Spanish


Spanish is rapidly growing as a Corporate language. In America Spanish are increasingly becoming a big investment and marketing sector. In this modern a second language can definitely help you, especially if your competitor is a monolingual.


Among the languages that might attract English natives somewhere in their life, Spanish is the closest thing. Because Arabic has a whole different set of alphabets, Chinese requires learning of a large set of tones (which is definitely not easy) whereas French word may sound funny to English speakers. Spanish on the other hand has quite similar words to English.

Better For your English Diction:Better For Your English Diction - Attractive To English Speakers - A Global Language - 10 Best Reasons To Learn Spanish


As you may know, Spanish is a Romance Language – it is derived from Latin, along with other languages such as Portuguese, French and Italian etc. Latin was the de facto language of Ancient Rome. Now there are many English words that are borrowed from Latin. So if you start learning Spanish and expand your Spanish vocabulary, your English vocabulary will increase simultaneously and automatically.


As I earlier said Spanish is one of Romance languages along with French and Italian etc. If you think to learn these languages, it will be too damn easy for you if you already speak Spanish language.

Read Spanish literature – Without any Aid:Read Spanish Literature - Without Any Aid


It is one of the easiest languages to learn. It has no grammatical and tense-wise ambiguity. Also it is almost perfect when it comes to phonetics, you can look at a word and immediately know how it is pronounced.


By having learned Spanish, you can enjoy the pleasure of Spanish art. You can watch a Spanish movie like Belle Époque – then you’ll realize that it’s quite different from it dubbed version or subtitle version. Or you can read some amazing books of Spanish literature that were hidden from you until now like Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.

Be A Bilingual Person – expand your friend Circle:Be A Bilingual Person - Expand Your Friend Circle


If you learn Spanish as your second language then you will be classified as bilingual person. A bilingual person has a far greater opportunities to get a job or promotion in comparison with a monolingual person.


As there are more than 50 million people in US who have Spanish as their native languages, you will be bound to have an encounter with an ethnic Spanish every day. So if you know Spanish, you can interact all those people and expand your friendship circle.


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