10 Largest Empires In History

10 Largest Empires In History

10 Largest Empires In History

In my recent posts, I wrote about trending topics like Chrome Extensions for Bloggers  and Wallpapers for Samsung galaxy S6 , so now I decided to write about something from the Past.

That’s why I’ve written about 10 Largest Empires in History, ever recorded. This is an ordered list in ascending order. I hope you will enjoy reading this post.

10.Portuguese Empire:

Portuguese Empire - 10 Largest Empires In History

Portuguese Empire was probably the First Global Colonial Empire in history. Besides that, it is the longest-spanning Colonial Empire of history. Their Colonization began when they captured Ceuta in 1415 and ended six centuries later, when they handover Macau to Chinese Government in 1999 and grant of sovereignty to East Timor in 2002.

Today, almost 53 of now-independent countries were once part of Portuguese empire in one form or another. It has cast its effect its everlasting touch on its colonies such as Macau.

In 1815, at its peak, Portuguese Empire stretched 10,400,000 Km² and mainly included countries like Angola, Mozambique etc.

9.Abbasid Caliphate:

Abbasid Caliphate - 10 Largest Empires In History

Abbasid Caliphate was Third Caliphate of Islamic History. It tool power from Ummayad Dynasty, after the defeating them Battle of The Zab. They shifted Islamic Capital from Damascus to kufa, then permanently to Baghdad.

Their rule coincided with Islamic Golden Age, in which there was advancement in fields ranging from medicines to astrology. First paper-mill was recorded to be built-in Baghdad. In a reign spanning a total of five centuries, Abbasid Caliphate had a total area of 11,100,000 km². Also it had a population of 50,000,000.

Abbasid Caliphate was brought an abrupt end by Mongol Tribes, after the Siege of Baghdad, in 1258.

8.Second French Colonial Empire:

Second French Colonial Empire

Second French Colonial Empire is generally referred to French Empire after the Algerian conquest in 1830. Before that, it was the First French Colonial Empire that ended in 1814.

During 19th and 20th century, it was the Second-largest Colonial Empire in the World, after British Empire. At its peak in 1920s and 1930s, it had a total area in excess of 13,000,000 km². On the eve on World War 2, it had a population of 110,000,000.

Its main area of control of North African countries like Algeria.

7.Yuan Dynasty:

Yuan Dynasty - 10 Largest Empires In History

Yuan Dynasty came into existence when Mongol Empire started to weaken. After the Death of Mongke khan, there were disputes among his heirs that who will rule an empire that stretched from Hungry to Korea.

After disintegration of Mongolian Empire, five Empires were formed. Ilkhanate in Iran, Golden Horde in Russia and Yuan Dynasty in China etc.

At its greatest extent in 1310, its total covered area was 14,000,000 km². It was one of the Shortest Imperial Chinese Dynasty with respect to time spanning.

6.Qing Dynasty:

Qing Dynasty

Qing was a Chinese dynasty that ruled Imperial China from 1644 to 1912. It was the last Dynasty to rule Imperial China. Surname of Qing rulers was Aisin Gioro.

Continuous economic destabilization, defeat in wars and other mutinies, led to its fall. At its peak in 1759, its total area was 14,700,00 km² and population was 381,000,000. 36 % of World’s population that time.

5.Umayyad Caliphate:

Umayyad Caliphate

Umayyad Caliphate was Second Caliphate to rule the Islamic World. It succeeded the Rashidun Caliphate. It is the largest Muslim Empire ever to exist. Stretching from Transoxania to sindh, and Mecca to Al-Andalus.

Damascus was the capital of Umayyad Empire. A strong bond of mutual cooperation was formed between Christians of Damascus and Muslims rulers. From 661-750 it held an area of 15,000,000 km² and had a population of 62,000,000, almost 28 % of total World’s population at that time.

4.Spanish Empire:

Spanish Empire - 10 Largest Empires In History

Being one of the very early global empires, Spanish Empire was at its greatest extent during 17th and 18th century. Expansion of Spanish Empire initially began after voyages of Christopher Columbus. First, American Colonies were established. Then pacific archipelagos such as Philippines was included in Spanish Empire.

At its zenith from 1740-1790, Spanish Empire held a total land area of 19,400,000 km² and had a population of 68,200,00. 1898 was the year of the end of Spanish Domination, when ceded its Atlantic territories to America after losing Spanish-American War.

3.Russian Empire:

Russian Empire - 10 Largest Empires In History

It was a Russian state that existed from 17th century to 1917. It was a very vast empire stretching across three continents : Asia, Europe and North America. According to 1897, its official population was 125.8 million.

Often Russian Empire remained in conflict with Ottoman Empire and British Empire in Eastern Europe and Central Asia respectively. During its peak in 1866, its total covered area was 22,800,000 km².

2.Mongol Empire:

Mongol Empire - 10 Largest Empires In History

Mongol Empire was an empire that existed in 13th and 14th century. It was the Largest Contiguous Empire in history.

Emerged from the Desert of Gobi, under their Warlord Genghis Khan. They formed their kingdom in Mongolia initially. Combined their other Turk tribes, Mongols brought an abrupt end to many established kingdoms of the World. Be it Abbasid Caliphate of Baghdad, Khwarizmi Kingdom of Central Asia or Jin Dynasty of Northern China etc.

Beside conquering, it was the barbaric nature of Mongol Tribes that got them popularized. In 1258, Baghdad was sacked, more than 90,000 people were killed, including children and women. Water of Tigris River was partially Red and Black, due to blood and number of books thrown in it.

At its peak in 1279, its total area was 33,000,000 km² approx.

1.British Empire:

British Empire

At its peak in 1922, British empire was the Largest Empire the World had ever saw. It was said that the sun never sets in British Empire. British Empire span all across the globe, ensuring that there is at least one territory in which Sun was shining.

By 1922, British Empire had population of more than 458 million, more than one-fifth of world’s population.

The area it covered was more than 33,700,000 km², almost a quarter of earth’s total land area. World War 1 was the beginning of the end of British Empire. World War 2 and independence of Sub-continent further proved as a catalyst to end glory days of British Empire.

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  1. Uhmm im pretty sure that map of the british empire is wrong, we never controlled the congo, or indonesia or south china or greenland or the philipenese.

  2. Thank you for this helpful list. A debate came up in the Reddit forum /r/anthropology about why the Brits are always mentioned 1st as the biggest Colonial offenders. ‘Cuz they were the most successful at it, duh. Then someone claimed the Spanish Empire might have been bigger and I was like, no, I think you’re wrong. Your list let me put that one to bed.

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