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The Story Behind List Enthusiast

It's Asfand here and I would like to share the List Enthusiast story with you. How it began.

It all started two years ago, in 2015. I had enrolled in a Computer Sciences University and wanted to explore my writing skills. Starting a website and producing informative articles seemed a like the best solution to achieve that.

And voila!​ I bought this domain and started to write list articles about different things, 2 times a week. That was the start and it continued to be so, for 3 months. Then it all changed one day. That was a day when I googled about gaming keyboards (Yep, I like to play video games. But I'm not one of your hard-core DOTA/COD pro-gamers. For me, an hour living a Thug life in GTA V's Los Santos is equal to all the fun).

​While searching for gaming keyboards, I came across A LOT of crappy sites. Sure, there are many good review sites, and I admire them too, but for every PCMag or CNet, there are a dozen sites that are made just for revenue (in the form of affiliate sales) rather than providing value.

That was the moment I started the shifting my site from informative topics to product reviews. At List Enthusiast, we try to show you the best of the best products. These products aren't only 'gauged' by their price but also the 'value' they bring along with their price. This the reason why you would find many 'cheap' items in our different reviews. 

Without going further, let me confess before you: I am not an Expert​.

Sure, I have attended computer networking classes ​and know different stuff, like how a router works, what are the Basics of networking etc. but not everything. Take this example, I needed a thorough blog post about firewalls for my audience. So I went on UpWork, hired a computer networking specialist and paid him to write that blog post for me. Here's the screenshot:

Sorry for Blurring. But it's sensitive.

The reason I choose a freelancer expert to write that blog post is that I don't want to pretend who I am. I don't want to copy-write what others have written and repackage it. That's why whenever I feel that a particular topic is out of my depth, I pay an expert on that topic to write for this blog.

Apart from this, there's a pretty one-man show at List Enthusiast. Except that there is one person who have joined me recently. Her name is Lisa Barrie. She's responsible for background tasks for this site like Brand awareness, content promotion and of course, SEO. If you have any related inquiry, feel free to shoot her an email at Lisa @ listenthusiast.com

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​Over To You!

So that was the story about how I began this site and have run it until now, 07 April 2017. I hope you would have liked it.


Let me clear one thing. I'm not against affiliate-heavy sites. In fact a large number of articles on this site are affiliated too. But take any article in this site, such as this one about WiFi routers. Go to this article and you'll get at least 1000 words of pure value and information, before any product review.

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