10 Best Backpacks For MacBook Pro 2016

By Muhammad Asfand Yar | Macintosh

10 Best Backpacks for MacBook pro 2015

When people usually buy a MacBook Pro, they don't pay much attention on its protection. The result, well, is spending $2000 again after a one year or so. So what you basically need is a top-notch Backpack for you MacBook Pro. Though there are many Backpacks listed on Apple's Site. They are not the very best around there.

That's why I've written this post about 10 Best Backpacks for MacBook Pro 2015. Now without wasting any more time, here they are:

10. 16″ Denim Laptop Backpack

Targus's 16" Denim Backpack can provide you the protection you're looking for your MacBook Pro, at a much inexpensive price. It is way much more than you would expect something from an apparently cheap Backpack. It can accommodate any laptop up to 15" screen size. It has many good qualities.

First, it has very strong and comfortable straps so will not feel much stress on your shoulders. Second, it is also waterproof, which means it can keep your MacBook Pro safe in heavy showers during rainy days. And last thing, it is extremely lightweight and comfortable.

9. SwissGear Carbon II

SwissGear Carbon II backpack is the one tailor-made for your MacBook Pro. It is suitable for all the versions of MacBook Pro - Be it 15", 17",13" or the latest 12" version. All that come in a decent price. On top of that, it's also stylish. Because, you know, it's hard to find a Backpack that can fit MacBook 17" and doesn't look ugly plus stupid.

But apart from being stylish, it also has other qualities to lure you. Its construction is superb. Its zipper handlers are rubberized. Virtually there is no stress on shoulders and back padding is also good. Not to forget about its water-resistant material. You can also mount the internal pockets high in order to have some more space. For more durability, don't load some overweight stuff in it.

In short, if all you want is a good backpack for your MacBook Pro (regardless of size) then should definitely go for it.​

8. 15" Mac-Case Laptop Backpack

This backpack is targeted especially at students but if you travel a little bit then you should also consider this one. This backpack is designed for 15 inch Macbook Pro but I had no trouble carrying my 13 inch Macbook Pro Retina alongside my graphic tablet, external hard drive, iPad and notebook into it.

My 13 inch Macbook Pro stayed nice and snug into laptop compartment and was protected with a soft touch velvet liner. There is also a small pouch to carry your cables, chargers so they won't tangle with your other stuff and are easy to access.

It even has a small organizer compartment to keep your ballpoints or other miscellaneous objects organized. Also unlike most cheap backpacks, it’s interior is bright so you can find your stuff easily.

My 13 inch Macbook Pro stayed nice and snug into laptop compartment and was protected with a soft touch velvet liner. There is also a small pouch to carry your cables, chargers so they won't tangle with your other stuff and are easy to access. Padded shoulder straps distributed weight evenly so wearing this backpack (even for long times) isn’t a tiring experience.

My only gripe about this backpack is that it does not offer enough padding at the bottom to protect your laptop from drops. Also, it does not have any secure place to put your external hard drives (if you carry one around) to put securely into but I do not think it is an issue for most people.

If you are a student and you need something to carry around your laptop and books, then this compact, lightweight backpack is a very good option to consider.

Just to make things clear, mac-case company also develop specific laptop backpacks for 13 and 17" MacBook Pros.

7. Thule Crossover TCBP-417 32L

A common problem with most of the backpacks is that they're padded from sides but just fiber is used in bottom. So when you sit down, there is just some thin fabric between your expensive hardware and floor - and that's potentially dangerous. But this Backpack - Thule Crossover is different in this regard. It is padded from bottom, it means that your MacBook will safe from the bottom side too.

Other than this crucial feature, it has all other qualities you look in a decent Backpack. Any laptop up to 15" screen size can fit in it. If you want to have a backpack with good protection plus bulk of storage then go for it with closed eyes.

6. Ogio Renegade RSS

If you have other devices to take care of , other than your MacBook Pro, then you should seriously consider this backpack. It can accommodate your iPad, iPhone, Beats Headphones or other devices all too easily. It can be a make-or-break deal when you're the one who travels a lot.

Even MacBook Pro 17" can easily fit in it. It even has a crush-proof sunglasses compartment. Its other features include integrated foam panels - for hardware protection, padded tablet/iPad socket and Hybrid Unibody Back-panel (HUB) for comfort.

If you want to Backpack to accommodate to a whole bunch of devices and other things charger, Webcam or even Passport etc. This the best Backpack available for you​

5. Everki Versa Premium

If you're a businessman and travel to different places, time and time again, for meetings, then you should buy it. The reason I am saying that because it can used both as a backpack and a Business Briefcase. So you can use it as a briefcase where using it as a Backpack may seem to be inappropriate

Other than this, it can fit any laptop with maximum screen size of 15". It has adjacent slots for other devices like iPad or any other tablet. Its compartment is opened to a full 180-degree, making security checkout at Airports more easier than ever (Another plus point!)

Its compartment even has sophisticated file organizer to keep all files in proper place. Main compartment has a see-through pocket making file organization even more easier. Its shoulder straps are adjustable and comfortable. It also has a shell-protected sunglasses/gadget case.

​In short, you can call it a business Backpack for your MacBook.

4. Tumi Alpha Bravo Kingsville Backpack

Tumi Alpha Bravo can be best described as the Swiss Knife of the Backpacks. The main reason behind is the whole ton of different features in it - literally!. Apart from MacBook, it can carry your iPad/tablet, iPod, External Hard Drives, iPhone, Camcorder, water bottle (which is placed in a waterproof pocket) and much more.

For increasing comfort level, it has adjustable straps and 3D mesh padding. It is made from ballistic nylon which is highly durable. One thing however is that it can only accommodate laptops with screen size as large as 15". Although it's a bit pricey (that's why it's not on top of list) but if you can afford it, you must buy it. Not even once you'll regret your decision.

3. Brenthaven Pro 15/17 Backpack

It is another backpack best suited to travelers. Because it has Quick-access pocket for tickets and other important docs. It has different sections for storage and file organization section. Its CORE protecting system gives it complete all-round protection from 4 corners and 2 side panels. Its front organizer panel has multiple pockets for mouse, flash drive, battery etc.

It is made from rugged ballistic Nylon that'll provide years of endurance. other than this, it is coated zippers. You can fit any version of MacBook Pro in it. Even if you place MacBook Pro 17" in it, you'll still get some free space for cables, EVDO cards, thumb drives etc.

2. Incase Icon Pack:

Build on the past successes of Incase, this backpack is ideal for students. Because it has two main sections. One is for storage devices. And the other one is one file organization and other important files. On its comfort level, it has Airflow Channel combined with compression-molded back panel. It has adjustable padded straps with multiple adjustment points to reduce stress.

Its other pros include being lightweight, roomy and having a lot of useful pockets. One main problem is that it's not for 17" MacBook Pro


Brenthaven Broadmore Backpack

It is the best Backpack for MacBook Pro, around in the market. Main advantage of having this Backpack is that not only having different pockets for different devices, it has dedicated pockets for iPad and iPhone etc. Other accessories like Charger and backup charger can also be placed in other small pockets.

​Other than this, it has a very nice and simple design. It is made from Supple Napa Leather. It fits MacBooks up to 15.4" screen size. In short it is extremely lightweight and durable.

Few Words From Author

Well, that was it. These were the best available backpack you can find for your MacBook Pro. Most of them are water-resistant, have adjustable straps and many pockets to carry your other devices like tablets,Cell phone etc. In short, you must have a good-quality backpack for your laptop.



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