8 Best Backpacks For MacBook Pro 2019

8 Best Backpacks For MacBook Pro 2019

There’s no denying that you would want to take care of your MacBook Pro as much as possible, and in the best possible way. Sure, you can get a protective sleeve, and it will serve you well, but it’s important to keep in mind that a sleeve will only let you keep your MacBook Pro in it.

Best MacBook Pro Backpack 2018 Quick Comparison

In order to address the situation, we will be looking at the best backpacks for your MacBook Pro; so, without further ado, let’s get down to the business.

Things You Should Consider When Buying a Backpack

Although the whole process of buying a backpack is relatively simple, after all, it’s safe to say that you have some prior experience of buying a backpack. However, when you’re buying a backpack for your MacBook Pro and want to keep things as minimalistic as possible, there are some precautions that you should follow.

Even if it’s a backpack for your MacBook Pro, it’s important that you look at the basics before you go ahead with the purchase. The purpose of this section is to inform you on some of the things you should consider when buying backpack for your MacBook Pro.


First things first, when you’re looking to buy a backpack for your MacBook Pro, the first thing you should look for the capacity of the backpack you’re looking at. The MacBook Pros aren’t that big so the required capacity shouldn’t be big either, however, the important thing here is that you need to know the amount of stuff you carry with you.

If you are someone who prefers to be active, then you may want to buy a backpack that is somewhat smaller in the footprint with enough capacity for your MacBook Pro and some other items. However, if you are not concerned about moving that much and won’t mind something bigger, then buying a bigger backpack is a better idea.

If you are planning on carrying some external hard drives as well as some extra pair of earphones or your Bluetooth headset (when you're not using it), then it’s always a better decision to buy a slightly bigger capacity that can easily accommodate the extra things that you are planning on carrying with you.

Type of Material

Believe it or not, when it comes to choosing the appropriate backpack, one of the most important things that you have to go through is making the decision on the type of material that you’re planning on buying. It’s safe to say that backpacks are available in a variety of different materials that are suited for different purposes.

The material we’re talking about here basically relates to both the material that goes inside the backpack, as well as the exterior. These materials are usually available in a number of different types; you can choose from something really stylish, or something really simple, it’s up to you.

Suspension Style

It’s safe to say that people who buy and wear backpacks have different physical features; some are short, some are tall, some are leaner, and some are bulkier. In situations like this, you have to make sure that the backpack you’re buying is fitting enough for your body.

In case you are confused, you should know that there are different suspension styles that you can choose from, the fixed suspension style is made for specific body types, and can’t adjusted. Then there’s the adjustable suspension style which seems to be the best one because you can adjust it according to your own needs.

Then there are backpacks that have interchangeable hips and shoulder straps that allow the user to simply swap out the ones that aren’t big enough with the ones that fit perfectly. Whatever style you want, the good news is that the choice is there, and you can simply choose the one that suits you the best.

Extra Features

When buying a backpack, you should consider extra features because once you’re done with the process of buying, you may want some more uses out of your backpack. If you find yourself in a similar situation, then the best way is to simply make sure that there is some amount of extra features present in the backpack.

In case you’re wondering what we are talking about here, we basically mean that you should look for features like extra hidden compartments, as well as built in hydration packs. In case you are wondering, hydration packs are basically built in water reservoirs that can store water equivalent of the capacity that is available in the standard water bottles.

Features like hydration packs are good because they reduce the need to carry a separate water bottle, and this in turn ultimately allows the backpack to be less bulky than what the weight would have been with an additional water bottle. So, always make sure that you look for the extra features.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at our top picks for the best MacBook Pro backpack

1. Denim Laptop Backpack


When it comes to laptop backpacks, or backpacks for your MacBook Pro, one of the best type of backpack is the Denim Laptop Backpack. As the name suggests, this backpack for your MacBook Pro is made out of denim, and while denim may not be the most rugged material in the market, the good thing is that it’s really, really lightweight, and really pleasant to look at.

In addition to that, the good thing here is that the backpack is spacious enough, so even if you have some additional items apart from your MacBook, the good thing is that the backpack will easily accommodate pretty much everything there is.

Now the overall construction of the backpack is well done, and there are some extra pockets as well, so you won’t have to worry about leaving things behind. Another important thing you should keep in mind that the denim fabric that’s used on the exterior has a really nice feel, and the backpack is properly padded too.

The extra padding allows the backpack to provide enough safety to the contents of the bag, and make sure that there are no unwanted scratches while putting something inside the backpack or taking it out. Overall, the denim laptop backpack is a simple, yet highly effective approach to conventional backpacks for your MacBook Pro.

In all honestly, we don’t really have any complaints with it. The contemporary design, and simple yet pleasing denim fabric makes it look a lot better, and will go with pretty much any casual outfit.


    • Cost effective.

    • Has extra pockets.

    • Denim looks really good.

    • Padded external compartments.


    • May not be ideal for formal use.

2. SwissGear Carbon II

SwissGear Carbon II

Next up, we are looking at SwissGear Carbon II from Swiftgear, now as compared to some of the other backpacks in the market that are made for a MacBook Pro, this one is quite the high end. The SwissGear Carbon II, as the name suggests is made for people who are willing to make a statement; the backpack is made with no compromises in the mind.

Now when it comes to a high end backpack for a high end device, we are normally harsher towards the product because the aggressive marketing done by the manufacturing. However, upon closer inspection, and after spending a week with the backpack, it’s safe to say that the SwissGear Carbon II is here to stay.

The backpack is made using quality materials, and offers a very subtle, yet aggressive design on the front; while some backpacks are trying to be outspoken, this one outright speaks “rugged”, and that is a good thing. Another good thing here is that you can actually take this backpack to a business meeting, or a trip to another city without really going through any issues.

With that out of the way, another good thing is that despite looking compact, the Carbon II happens to be one of the most spacious backpacks we have seen; it has dedicated compartment for your MacBook Pro, and if that’s not all you’re carrying, then the good news is that you can put a lot of other things in it too without really having any issues.

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re carrying your MacBook Pro with your full sized headphones, or you have some other accessories to put inside the backpack, it will easily accommodate everything. To be honest, at the given price tag, keeping the expectations low with this backpack would be pointless.

The SwissGear Carbon II gest the point across loud and clear, and manages to become an amazing backpack for your daily needs


    • Excellent looks and functionality.

    • Big enough to fit your MacBook Pro along with some other accessories.

    • Quality material inside out.


    • Might be a bit bulkier for some.

3. Thule Crossover TCBP-417 32L


The next MacBook Pro backpack on our list is the Thule Crossover TCBP-417 32L, and while we admit that the name is a mouthful, the good thing is that the actual backpack is not that complicated to understand, and still is really, really good.

Now as the name suggest, the MacBook Pro backpack is indeed fancy, but the good thing is that the company who created this backpack didn’t prefer form over functionality. While it may look like that this laptop is all form over function, it has a lot of tricks up its sleeves.

For starters, the backpack has dedicated compartments for almost everything you would want to put inside a laptop bag; from your glasses, your headphones, your water bottle, and ultimately, your MacBook Pro.

Speaking of the backpack, the good thing is that it is made from quality materials, there isn’t a single thread on the entire backpack that looks cheap, or lackluster. This is the sign of great work, and great quality from Thule that has made sure that this laptop easily gets a spot on our list.

Another great thing about this MacBook Pro backpack is that it is actually available in 2 very attractive colours; you can either go with the traditional black/grey, or if you want to be bold, there’s a blue colour available too. However, it’s more important to keep in mind that if you are planning on going to business meetings with this backpack, it would be a lot better if you just opt for the black colour as it blends in well.

In all honesty, there are not a lot of complaints with this backpack, it does what it is intended to do, and it does it well. It provides enough security to your gadgets, and the padded interior makes sure that there are no scratches are scuff marks that are there to ruin the overall experience


    • Stylish look and design.

    • Plethora of compartments to put your stuff in.

    • Solid, lightweight construction.

    • Available in 2 amazing colours.


    • The blue colour may not be the perfect choice for professionals.

4. Ogio Renegade RSS

Ogio Renegade RSS Best MacBook Pro Backpack 2017

We are halfway through our list, and have had the chance to look at some of the best looking laptop bags that are available in the market. The next laptop bag that we are looking at is the Ogio Renegade RSS, and while the name may make it sound like some sort of superweapon, it’s just a very good looking, and advanced backpack for your MacBook Pro.

Starting off, the backpack is available in 2 different colours; you get to choose form either black, or black pindot, the latter comes in black as well. However, it has pindot patterns it. Do keep in mind that if you choose the latter, there is a small premium that you’ll have to pay but nothing crazy, so it’s okay.

Now the good thing is that the backpack is quite large, and is made for people who want to make sure that everything that they generally want to use fits in the backpack easily, and doesn’t really create any problems to be begin with. Which means that you can fit in your MacBook Pro, along with some of the important accessories like a pair of headphones, external hard drives, and even some power banks.

There’s no denying that the Renegade RSS has plenty of space for your backpacking needs. The bag is made out of high quality polyester and that’s a good thing because the material is pretty durable on its own. You’ll also find abundance of foam padding inside the backpack, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your gadgets inside the backpack.

There aren’t any gripes or downsides to this amazing backpack, however, you should keep in mind that if you are looking for something that’s lighter in weight, and less bulky, then you may want to look somewhere else, because this backpack comes in a large size, and weighs 3.5 pounds (empty)


    • Stylish and classy looks.

    • Has a lot of space for accessories as well as your MacBook Pro.

    • Made out of high quality polyester.

    • Offers foam padding for maximum protection against scuff and scratches.


    • Size might be an issue for people who want something compact

5. Everki Versa Premium


The next backpack we are looking at is perhaps one of the highest end models that are available in the list, the Everki Versa Premium is made specifically for your MacBook Pro, so it’s safe to say that the expected quality is top notch. If you are worried about technology eve just a little bit, you shouldn’t; the Versa Premium is made using high end materials throughout the entire construction of the backpack.

Considering how this is made for the professionals, Everki decided to keep things really, really simple; the backpack is available in a completely black colours without the hint of any other accent, and while this may be a questionable approach, it’s actually really well done. However, the odd thing is that the interior of the backpack happens to be orange.

Speaking of interior, there is enough space for you to put your MacBook Pro, however, considering how this is a compact backpack, you may be left out on the ability to put a lot of stuff, and in all honesty, it’s kind of a sad thing.

With that said, the good thing is that Everki has provided the users with enough compartments to easily keep their precious items without really running into any issues; you’ll have places to put your gadgets, sunglasses and other similar items.

There’s no other way to say that but Everki Versa Premium has done a wonderful job at creating this backpack; sure, it may not be as big as some of the competition, but the good thing is that even with the small size, it comes with plenty of compartments, and can easily hold and protect your expensive MacBook Pro without any issue.

If you are okay with somewhat compact looking design, and the orange interior, then there’s nothing wrong with this otherwise amazing backpack.


    • Excellent looks and quality.

    • High quality materials used in the construction.

    • Small form factor with plenty of space for your MacBook Pro and your gadgets.

    • Water repellant exterior made out of ballistic nylon.


    • The orange interior may not suit everyone’s choice.

6. Brenthaven Pro 15/17 Backpack

We’re almost done with our list, and now it would be better to take a look at something that isn’t insanely high end expensive. With that out of the way, say hello to the Brenthaven Pro 15/17 Backpack; as the name suggest, this backpack is actually made for MacBook Pro, as well as some of the other larger laptops that are available in the market.

This is a good thing because this basically means that you have more support, as well as the fact that you’re getting more for the money that you are paying. It’s good to see that Brenthaven has decided to take a very simple approach with this backpack, the exterior is as simple as things get, and while you may want something fancier, this approach is universally suited.

Moving on from the exterior, the internals are a no joke either, the good thing here is that pretty much everything that you’re getting inside the laptop is well done; you have different compartments for different items apart from your MacBook.

The cool thing here is that there’s a foam padding inside that can be adjusted to accommodate a slightly large laptop as well. This is a great approach because it gives you a universal compatibility, especially for people who have more than one laptop at hand and want to be easily able to carry them without the need to buy a bigger laptop bag.

Needless to say, the Brenthaven Pro 15/17 Backpaack is the pure example of how things are done right; the subtle grey colour along with spacious, soft compartments, and the overall look and feel of the backpack makes this one of our favourites in the market. The only subjective downside is that the grey colour is more prone to showing dirt, wear, and tear than the black colour is.


    • Solid build quality allows you to be worry free about your gadgets.

    • The ability to house 15 inch or 17 inch laptops without really facing any issues.

    • Pretty spacious internal housing allows you to put your additional gadgets along with your MacBook Pro.


    • The backpack doesn’t come in black.

7. Incase Icon Pack

Best MacBook Pro 2018

Incase Icon Pack Best MacBook Pro 2017

If you’re someone who’s familiar with the backpack market, especially for the MacBooks, then it’s safe to say that you have already heard about a brand named Incase. In case you haven’t, the good thing is that we are going to shed some light on just how good they are at what they do.

Today, we are looking at the famous Incase Icon Pack; this oddly named backpack for MacBook as well as your laptop happens to be one of the best ones available in the market, and there are several reasons behind that.

For starters, the Incase Icon Pack is one of the simplest looking backpack out in the market, from the looks of it, you may not think that it actually has a lot to offer, however, as soon as you take a look at the internals, you realise that there’s a lot of internal space that you can use.

The good thing about Incase Icon Pack is that all the space that you’re given is actually utilized, nothing really goes to waste. You can carry your laptop, your headphones, your power banks, notebooks, and pretty much everything you prefer. This is amazing considering you are getting so much potential with this backpack.

Another great thing is that the Incase Icon Pack is available in a total of 7 attractive colours ranging from the stealthy black, to outspoken and chic red colour. The choices are there, and you are encouraged to actually use them. Last but not the list, if you want the same functionality in a slimmer profile, Incase actually sells a slimmer version of this backpack for a slightly lesser price


    • Excellent, minimalistic looks.

    • Plenty of compartment for storing your devices.

    • Protects them from scratches and scuff marks.


    • None at all.

8. Brenthaven Broadmore Backpack


The last backpack on our list is another one from the famous company Brenthaven, this is from their Broadmore series, and is suitable for people who want something simplistic, yet full of features. The Brenthaven Broadmore Backpack is here to stay with the stylish yet simplistic black design, padded compartments for maximum security, and plenty of space.

For anyone who’s willing to make sure that their MacBook Pro is in a safe backpack without really having any issues, this is a great buy because the padded foam helps protect your device from any kind of scuff marks or scratches that other, low quality backpacks are notorious for.

In addition to that, you should know that the compartments that you are getting are spacious and big enough to allow you to easily fit your other gadgets like headphones, external hard drives, or your power banks. Allowing you to be fully and properly equipped whenever you’re on the go.

Last but not the least, another great thing is that the overall construction and design of this backpack is well done, meaning that you won’t really run into any sort of issues as far as the quality is concerned. The only downside, albeit completely subjective is that the overall design of the backpack is pretty generic, which may end up boring some of the people who want something different


    • Works as intended and protects your devices

    • Built with high quality materials.

    • Plenty of space for additional gadgets.

    • Black looks great.


    • The overall design is a bit too conventional.


Choosing the best backpack out of the entire list wasn’t that easy, every backpack had something unique to offer, which ultimately made it difficult for us to pick the winner. However, upon taking a thorough look at the Incase Icon Pack, it was pretty much certain which backpack for your MacBook Pro will be taking the cake.

Without a doubt, the backpack is made for purists, and manages to maintain that overall professional look. Thanks to the overall value for money, and the abundance of features, and compartments, the Incase Icon Pack is our favourite backpack from the bunch.


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