Best Bluetooth Headset 2019 – 9 Bluetooth Headsets Reviewed!

Best Bluetooth Headset 2019 – 9 Bluetooth Headsets Reviewed!

Bluetooth headset is a device that lets you make phone calls while you're driving or doing any other tasks using your hands.

Best Bluetooth Headset 2018 Quick Comparsion

Choosing a Bluetooth headset that is comfortable, affordable and loved by all the people isn't an easy task. It's because everyone has his own priorities. That's why below are some points that can help you choose a Bluetooth headset.

How To Choose A Bluetooth Headset

1. Mono vs Stereo

Traditional Bluetooth headsets are mono. It means that you can wear 'em in only one of your ears at a time. Stereo headsets, on the other hand, can be worn in both of our eras at the same time.  This article contains a lot of traditional mono headsets but a few stereo ones.

2. Sound

Many people use a Bluetooth headset to listen music. Each blue toot headset sounds different but you should go for the one which sound natural without having artificial bass,

3. Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is what separate the wheat from the chaff. Imagine you're having an important phone call in a noisy area. A Bluetooth headset with good noise cancellation would make your life easy in that case. 

4. Call Quality

Call quality is the most feature of any Bluetooth headset. No matter how much extra bells and whistles any Bluetooth headset has, if its call quality sucks, it's useless. Different headset manufacturers use different techniques to help you make better phone calls such as Sennheiser using 3 built-in microphones.

4. Battery life

Battery life is another aspect of any Bluetooth headset. You want your Bluetooth headset to last longer and longer obviously.  Companies usually exaggerate the battery life of their products. A general rule of thumb is to go for bigger Bluetooth headsets especially if you're going for a mono Bluetooth headset. It's because bigger headsets can accommodate bigger batteries. 

5. Comfort

Comfort varies from one person to another, actually. But you don't like bulky things on your ear, go to a lighter headset like Jawbone Era.

6. Price 

Price of Bluetooth headsets varies greatly. A typical mono headset can cost you around $50 although there are some headsets in the range of $170. That's why it's up to you to decide whether you wanna pay that price or not. 

9 Best Bluetooth Headsets 2018 Reviewed

9. Jabra Steel


As its name suggests it's a military-grade Bluetooth headset that is tough enough to withstand harsh outdoor environments.

On looks, Jabra Steel is a typical Bluetooth headset: small, mono, light-weight.

It has a big on/off button with tactile feedback, another one for answering phone calls and one for giving voice commands. It can pair with your smartphone using either NFC or standard Bluetooth.

To know about current battery life and other useful information, you can install its smartphone App called Jabra Assist. This app can even help you find any lost Jabra Steel.​

This headset comes with a 5-year warranty and has gust,shock and water-resistant rating. One major downside in its design is the lack of any volume adjustment button.

​Performance wise, it has an enhanced noise cancellation but you won't have the richness of voice as you can have in other headsets like Plantronics 5200. It has a good range of 40 feet but one obvious shortcoming is battery life, which I found to last only up to 5 hours.

8. JBL Reflect Mini BT


Reflect Mini BT is different from other Bluetooth headsets is this list. It's because it can be worn in both of your ears  at the same time.  This makes it a Bluetooth earbuds pair, technically.  You may find it weird but the line between headsets and Bluetooth headphones is keep blurring every year.

Let's come back to this pair. First thing is it's design. This thing consists of two earpieces connected with each other by a wire. That wire goes behind your neck while you're wearing 'em. As its name suggests, it's cable has a reflective strip. Apart from this , it has the usual bells and whistles of any sub-$100 earbuds, like 2 types of ear tips: standard​ ear tips + ear tips with fins.

It has an IPx4 water-resistance rating which makes ​it perfect for gym workout sessions.

​It has an inline mic and remote controls on its left side. These controls consist of 3 buttons. In middle, there is a multi-purpose button that can either answer phone calls or navigate between songs  (with multiple taps). On sides of this button, there are volume up and down buttons too. 

One downside I have noticed in this Bluetooth earbuds pair is that it doesn't go to into a sleep mode even in the case of inactivity.

Its battery life is rated at 8 hours but obviously you'll get a varied amount due to your usage and volume level.

​Its sound quality is balanced, without having any exaggerated bass. Since it appears to be made for gym workouts, not having a deep bass doesn't make sense because normally gym goers like deep bass.

7. Jabra Motion


For Jabra, it is an answer to Plantronics’ Voyager Legend. Other on the hand, Jawbone Era is also one of the main competitors for Jabra Motion. And we’ll find out shortly how this Bluetooth headset stands against the other two devices.


Jabra usually doesn’t get criticized for its design, nor this device will get ’em any. Design wise it is a very decent headset. The first thing you’ll figure out its design is its unusually large size compared to other Bluetooth headsets in the market. Jabra Motion is very comfortable to wear, particularly soft are its ear gel tips. Jabra gives you three out of the box. These ear tips fit nicely in your ear canal in tight seal it. Motion’ ear tips are extendable and you can enhance it, according to your comfort.

A Really Long Mic!

It features an over-ear design + an overwhelmingly elongated mic. Courtesy of that mic, Jabra Motion goes from over and back of your ear, even beyond your earlobe and nicely aligns up to your cheek. Some may find, that mic touching their cheeks – uncomfortable — but I didn’t feel many problems in it. For portability, you can also fold it.


Volume Controls

On its rear edge, Motion has touch-based volume controls. Some other buttons like answer/end call and volume/mute toggle key, both on its lower half. Then, there is a MicroUSB port through which, you can charge the Motion.

One Particular Design Flaw

One main problem I have is that, since they cover the whole back of your ear, they may feel awkward to eyeglasses’ user (Like me). But again, this depends on your preference. There are many persons who feel it okay to wear even when using glasses.

Other Features:

Jabra Motion is a very serious piece of Bluetooth Headset – no doubt about that. For connectivity options, we have Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC – in case you don’t like Bluetooth and your Smartphone permits NFC. Like any other high-end Bluetooth headset, the Motion offers you many internal voice commands. You’ll hear it saying: ‘Say a command’. For which you just have to say ‘What can I say’. That’s it. You’ll get a list of voice commands, it does for you.

Average Motion-based Controls

Since it has word Motion in its name, Jabra Motion has a Motion-sensor we usually called.. an accelerometer. By this, the Motion performs many Motion-based features like answering calls when/if you pick it up or activating Noise Cancellation when/if it detects you walking. I haven’t got any particular problem with these controls but some people had some issues.

Useful App

In my opinion, Motion’ companion app is perhaps its best offering. Through this app, you can connect to other Bluetooth devices, monitor the battery level and select a sound profile. These sound profiles are just different settings that depend on your surroundings. There is a Car profile, an office one and one for outdoors too. Another function, this app does is ‘Audio Note’. As its name reveals, it lets you record anything you say – as a reminder. You can even voice control your phone through it e.g. Opening Apple’s Siri app using the Motion.


Its sound is loud, crisp with a bit more attention on Highs. Due to tight-fitted ear tips and Noise cancellation, you won’t get any background noise. Call quality is very good too. At least, in sound quality, the Motion is a little bit better than Voyager Legend – just a bit, though. Jabra Claims its battery life is seven hours. You can even enhance it up to 8 hours with fair usage.


For me, Jabra Motion is an unfinished business. I mean — while it has very sound quality — it has some issues like compactness for which you should better go to Jawbone’ Era. Its Motion sensors are somewhat iffy too.

6. Sennheiser PRESENCE-UC


Sennheiser isn’t a new player in Audio Gadgets’ markets. From wireless headphones to Aviation headsets, Sennheiser has been making all these for more than half a century. But still, people don’t go for Sennheiser Bluetooth headsets as much as, in-ear headphones or other consumer headphones, for example. One particular reason in my mind is generally increased price than some of its competitors. Anyways, we’ll dive head first to find out how far this headset succeeded.


Design wise, PRESENCE is very slim. Black from outside contrasts well with stainless steel and overall make a stylish combo. On its backside, you’ll find a MicroUSB port for charging and a LED indicator, just over it. You can apply/remove its ear-hook whenever you want so that you can wear it on any of your ears. Since it weighs only 13 grams, forget about tiredness.


Sennheiser presence has the latest Bluetooth 4.0, which does very less power consumption but covers more area than its previous versions. The connection is easy to make, just hold on that multi-purpose button and you’re done. For better call quality, Sennheiser has implemented their HD Voice Clarity Technology – it makes voice calls much clearer on both ends. One unique feature it offers is that unlike other headsets that feature two microphones, PRESENCE has three built-in microphones + Sennheiser Speak Focus technology.

These two things filter out background noise from your voice during calls. Then we have Sennheiser’ WindSafe technology, what it does is to negate Wind Noise to clear-out your voice even more. Generally, doctors advise us to not listen through headsets for long. Reason: it will affect our hearing. To prevent this, PRESENCE has ActiveGard feature, it detects/removes potentially dangerous sounds/noise and energy. Simply put, almost all of its features ensures clear, natural and HD voice.


Perfect Battery life:

It is the longest-lasting Bluetooth headset – during our testing. It has a 10-hour talk time and 14-days of battery life on Standby. What’s even better is that the PRESENCE talks less than one and a half hours to charge fully.

An expensive Bluetooth Headset:

Well, it is really an expensive piece of hardware. Even more expensive than Jabra Motion and Voyager Legend – that’s the main reason why it’s not in top three. Yet, there are some little reasons to justify that much asking price like sound quality, clear and loud voice etc. And there isn’t any major issue in it except NFC – actually the lack of it.

5. Plantronics Voyager Edge


Voyager Edge is the new high-end Bluetooth headset offered by Plantronics, alongside its old brother Plantronics Voyager Legend. It has some minor design improvements from Voyager Legend such as compactness and removal of that bulky over-ear design. Following is what we found out Voyager Edge, in our testing:


Design wise, Voyager Edge is a merger between the Legend and Plantronics’ own more fashion-focused Discovery line. In particular, its design resembles a bit from Plantronics Discovery 975. It also borrows some looks from the Legend. Prominently, it features a thin flip-boom Mic, like Legend, and discard somewhat-bulky over-Ear design of the former and the Motion from Jabra.

On the other hand, it as the Diamond-shaped body from Discovery 975E. In size too, Edge resides somewhere between the compact Era and the big Motion. Unlike Era, the Edge has physical volume control, call answer and Voice Commands buttons.

Above Par Comfort Level

The Edge has three ear tips, out of the box, with stabilizing fins for more grip and one optional clip-on loop plastic loop for more security. To be honest, Edge’s Loop’ Fit didn’t have that much grip as Era’s. Since its ear tips reside outside your ear canal, rather than stuck in it – like Jabra Motion — you may won’t feel it more stable. Therefore, you may have to tinker with it, a little bit, to find you comfort spot. But after doing that, comfort and fit become great.

Overall, Edge is comfortable to wear, but not as much as Era (which we’ll cover later in this post).


Other Features

Voyager Edge has all the features found in Advanced Bluetooth Headsets. Like Sennheiser PRESENCE, it has three microphones to promise you a zero background noise, even when its design doesn’t do any noise isolation. It also boasts Bluetooth 4.0, to pair with cell phones, with combines with A2DP support — in case you want to listen to music instead of calls — and NFC capability. For NFC, just touch the back of your Smartphone’ back with the Edge, wait for a few secs and that is it.

Other than these, it has some other offerings. First, we have dual-capacitive sensors which detect if you’re wearing the Edge. Therefore, whenever there comes a call and it is in your ear, this headset will answer automatically. Other Motion gestures are supported too. It also supports Voice commands and even in un-English languages such as French, Spanish and even Mandarin etc.


Even though its flip-boom mic is smaller than Legend and the Motion, its sound quality is as impressive as the other two’s. Three microphones remove background noise. On the other hand, JawBone Era one-ups the Edge in terms of loudness, but its sound quality compensates for that.

Shorter Range and Good Battery Life

While Plantronics’ says that its Bluetooth range is approx. 35 feet, I found it to be nearly half only. Even at 25-26 feet, signal drops off completely. As per its battery life is concerned, I was able to get nearly about 6 hours of talk time. Not so impressive but still good.


Just as I said earlier, the Edge lies somewhere in-between the stylish Jawbone Era and Legend’ performance. So I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Bluetooth headset that is balanced between style and performance.

4. Jawbone Era (2014)


So here’s what we’ve talked about in above paragraphs. At approx. 6 grams, one of the lightest – if not the lightest – Bluetooth headsets ever made; the Jawbone Era. The Era series is an all-time favorite in Bluetooth Headsets niche. And with this latest version, Jawbone tried to take advantage of latest smartphone technologies.


You can call The Era, the Parrot Ziks of Bluetooth Headsets. It is arguably the most stylish Bluetooth Headset in the market, right now. Thanks to its new redesign from the previous generation, it has also reduced 42% size. Due to this, it is one of the smallest Bluetooth Headsets around. So if your friend won’t notice it in your ear, don’t be surprised, such small it is. It is available in four colors such as Silver, Red, Bronze and Black.

From some distance, it looks like a big candy. It consists of an earbud + a silver ear gel and a power switch. It sticks in your ear, which means shake off your head as many times you want and it’ll stay there. One more advantage of this ‘In-Ear’ design is the perfect fit. Since its silicon ear gel is very soft, it is much more comfortable to wear than Voyager Edge. It ear gel also stay inside your ear canal and make you feel comfortable.

“Noise Assassinating” features:

A voice activity sensor, two microphones, and a feature Jawbone calls “NoiseAssassin 4.0” – all are there to ensure no background noise during calls. It works great, you can attend your calls, even in Noisy roads to crowdy areas. Its microphones are actually Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems — MEMS — microphones that are accompanied with customized DSP Algos to make you voice crisp and clear.

Since it has only one multi-purpose button, learning all those shortcuts will indeed require some time. But some basic functions are easy.Like short press to answer/end a call, long one to change call volume and multiple presses to play music/redial last number depending on what you’re doing.

Jawbone App:

Jawbone companion is very handy too. It automatically searches for nearby smartphones to pair with ’em. You can customize its multi-purpose button functions and even located your misplaced Era through this app. Some other not so important features are different choices for its voice like mobster and bombshell.

Through this app, you can keep a check on your saved appointments that are about to begin. Also, you can automatically do conference calls as this app will let it automatically dial those numbers.

One main kink in this app is that it requires Jawbone Era connect to a computer first, before doing any of these customizations.


Performance and Sound Quality:

As the Era is very small, you might think it’s audio quality is not up to the standards of the Motion or the Edge, since the sound quality is usually directly proportional to speakers size.

Despite its size, it is actually louder than the previous Era. Even Edge couldn’t beat it in terms of loudness. But that loudness doesn’t come at the expense of Audio quality, which remains clear and natural. In short, just Jabra Motion and Voyager Legend have better quality. But again, these twos aren’t the sexiest Bluetooth Headset, Era is.

Average Battery Life

Jabra claims that Era’ Battery life is up to 4 hours. Well, these are In fact, in our testing, it didn’t even last 3 hours. Now, that’s what disappointed me most in this otherwise perfect Bluetooth device. And while its range is claimed to be 33 ft. It also dropped signals before going 25 ft. away.


Well, Jawbone just showed us how compact and beautiful a Bluetooth Headset can be, a clear difference to some bulky and larger ones, we were using a few years ago. Of course, its battery life deducts is short, so if you want some substance over style, go for Jabra Motion.

But its sound quality and comfort are one of the best around. It is available in two versions – with and without carrying case – by the way, carrying case would cost you approx. $30 extra.

3. Plantronics Voyager Legend


So this is the one of the Best Bluetooth Headset among all, I’ve tested, read and even heard. And my statement didn’t change even after reviewing its little-but-expensive bro Voyager Edge. Though Voyager Edge was released as an improvement from Legend, it couldn’t beat the Legend in terms of Audio Quality. Let’s dive head first into its review to know what I found about it.


From Design, you would hardly feel that it is a high-end Bluetooth device. It is entirely made of plastic, with some exception of rubber on its earloop for a better fit. It also has that big and bulky boom arm-like mic, like Jabra Motion. Even your grandfather can tell you that it is one of the largest Bluetooth Headset around – let alone a compact Headset. But still, keep in mind, that was released more than four years back. That’s why you can’t argue much about design.

The Legend has two buttons — one for voice and other for Calls — on its boom microphone. On the other hand, there is a power button — below a volume up/down toggle button — on earloop’ base. You will get three ear tips of different sized out of the box, and two foam pads for a better fit if you want ’em. You can wear the Legend in both of you ears, just rotate the boom, twist it and switch your ears.

Overall, its design is OK, and fitting is very good. And it is very light when compared to its size. But if you want a Bluetooth Headset for best design, lightweight and comfort, you can go for Jawbone Era.


Other Features

Even though it is a bit old, it has features what most of new Bluetooth Headsets offer nowadays. We’ll start with connectivity options. One important thing that it has Bluetooth 3.0, not the latest 4.0.

Anyways you can connect it with your Bluetooth phone, just by holding up that call button and by saying ‘Pair Mode’. Yes, it also features different voice commands. To learn what types of commands you can say, you will have to say: ‘What can I say’, and you will found all of that list.

It has some built-in sensors which will detect that whether you’re wearing the Legend or Not. Based on those scenarios, it will either mute that call or answer it.

Performance and Quality

As I am saying once that it is best, it is so for a reason. Its sound quality is best among all. Even though Noise Cancellation is not at its best, what you will get is a pure, full and clear voice over calls. Despite average Noise isolation, there is virtually no background Noise.

Other features include A2DP, which means you can stream music from podcast/your phones or even prompt from GPS apps. Through multi-point support, you can connect it to multiple devices and switch between one another. Then we have Vocalyst, a subscription-based app from Plantronics, which reads your emails and Facebook/twitter updates. After one free year, its fee is $25 per year.

Bluetooth range is good, but not very best. In our testing, it lasted for more than seven hours – which is quite good. For improved charging, Legend uses the magnetic adapter – which is better than the conventional microUSB connector. Therefore, it takes one and a half hours to charge fully.

2. Moto Hint 2015


Before having this device, I thought that the Jawbone’s Era can be the smallest a Bluetooth headset can be. How much wrong was I !

This is the second version of the original Moto hint, although That original version didn’t have any major flaw, Motorola did some minor tweaks and let’s find out what are those.


Design wise, this one is a really really small Bluetooth headset which essentially consists of a wireless earplug. So small it is that other will hardly distinguish whether you’re wearing it or not.

Its ear gels are comfortable enough to wear for hours. One thing you should note that if your ears are waxy, then it’ll too slippery to be held in your ear. A solution for that is to simply clean your ears a little bit before wearing it. For different ears, it comes with different gels.

Other Features

Unlike other Bluetooth headsets, where you have a physical button to on/off the device, this one requires doesn’t need such button. In order to pair it with your phone, you just need to place it in your ear. Its sensor will decide whether it’s inside your ear or not. When/ if that sensor senses out your ear, this Bluetooth headset will turn on and pair itself with your smartphone. To disconnect it, simply put this headset off.

As I said, there no physical button on this device. Its flat area which remains outside your ear acts as a sensor. Upon touching it, you’ll initialize its voice command service and hear a beep. After that, it’s time to say your command and this device will do it.
You can do commands like updating the FB status, Dial a number, send a message or Translate a phrase etc.

Want to do even more things with it? You can do that but for that, you’ll need a Moto smartphone like Moto X. If you have Moto Voice set up on your phone, you can give commands even at a distance of more than 150 ft. thanks to this device.

Sound Quality

Audio Quality is pretty good on this device but not too great. Since it’s a mono earbud, it’s natural to have a little problem. Since its microphone is more away than in other Bluetooth headsets, you can face problem in that area too. But in my opinion, this headset is not for heavy users instead, it is for casual ones who make calls for half an hour in the whole day time.

Battery Life

Battery life of Moto hint is more than 10 hours+ which is pretty good. Even then if you want to extend it then you can get its carrying case, which charges it wirelessly. Using that case, you can extend its battery to a mammoth 17 hours

1. Plantronics Voyager 5200 - Best Bluetooth Headset 2017/2018


According to many people who’ve tried this Bluetooth headset, including me, this one is the successor of Voyager Legend in true terms. I know Voyager Edge was released after Legend, but it differed with the former somehow. Their designs were different, so were their targeted audience.

Voyager 5200, on the other hand, starts its business where Voyager legend left off. So without any time waste let’s check what this latest offering from Plantronics has to offer us.


In design part, that over-the-ear style is back again. Apart from this, that boom is also present in this headset. These two things make this Bluetooth headset a little bit bigger than the usual headsets nowadays. But that big design can be a blessing because one disadvantage of a small-design headset is that you can’t distinguish whether a person wearing ’em is talking to you or with another person on the phone.

As I was talking about its boom and earpiece, one thing should be noted that you can rotate both of them according to your own preferences. In this way, you can use it for both left and right ears. On its hook, there are 2 buttons for volume up and down, unlike Legend which had them on its earloop’s back and an on/off button.

One noticeable shortcoming in this Bluetooth headset is somewhat shorter ear hook.

Other Features

In terms of features, Voyager 5200 has all the things a Bluetooth Headset can offer. It pairs through Bluetooth or NFC and it can connect to more than one devices. You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned about its buttons, other than ones for volume, in above paragraph.

I did so because you don’t need it. When you put it on, it can automatically answer a call. It can transfer an ongoing call whenever you put it off. You can also tell it whether you want to answer a call or dismiss it.

Of course, there is a multi-functional button on its boom + a voice command button. Other than doing all the above tasks, this button can also pause/play music and coordinates whatever virtual-assistant your OS offers you.

Unlike the Legend, 5200 has 4 microphones on its boom. One advantage of 4 different microphones, is that its DSP can evaluate wearer’s voice clarity and background noise of each microphone and then give its best shot.

It also has P2i rain-coating — a small but handy feature.

Performance And Battery Life

In performance, 5200 does actually beat its predecessor Voyager Legend. It has the best Noise Cancellation Bluetooth headset can give you. Blocking traffic vehicles’ horns’ and crowd noise is just easy peasy.

The only problem in this headset is its average battery life. Although rated at 7 hours, its battery life can only withstand 5 hours and some more of continuous calling. You can eliminate this problem, but for this, you have to spend some more to get its charging case. That case can recharge Voyager 5200 twice.

Few Words From Author

So these were some of the best Bluetooth Headsets for year 2018 – according to my research/testing. As I said before in this post, there is not much difference between no. 9 and no.1 headset in this article. It is totally up to your preference.

If you want style, you can opt for Jawbone Era and for performance-seekers we have Voyager Legend. On the other hand, Voyager Edge is a nice balance between Style and Substance. Budget users can consider Jabra Motion too.

I prefer Sound quality above all, that’s why I have chosen Plantronics headsets above the rest. But I wouldn’t be surprised if you go for any other Bluetooth Headset.

27 thoughts on “Best Bluetooth Headset 2019 – 9 Bluetooth Headsets Reviewed!”

  1. When will these reviews update?? Era 2014 or older…PLUS…I found out the hard way… they no longer support the companion app. Even tho I just bought a new Era (3/27/16) after reading all these rave reviews!! But now, they have stripped it down …there is no app…no controls…all advertised functionality is not true….even tho packaging and instructions manuals and even the little voice when you turn it on…directs you to the app!!! There is NONE…does not announce caller name…just number…I even called Jawbone…their response was can answer calls, receive calls…dont like it just return it! WOW great customer service…when pressed…he said that they no longer have an app because it just works without it!! WHAT???? all of the functionality I thought I Was getting and the reason I decided on the product is now not there. Just as an FYI

  2. I see that the new Jawbone still has the button that must press against one’s cheek in order to function. Therefore, if you have a beard, it will not work. When I became hirsute, my Jawbones quit. The company was in complete denial over any problem. It is a great headset. But I refuse to shave for it.

  3. Have you considered reviewing the new Plantronics Legend 5200? I’m trying to justify the $120 price tag. Great review though

    • Well Brian, it is a new Bluetooth headset that’s why I tested it yet. Nevertheless, I will consider to include it at the time of updating this post, which I’ll hopefully do in a few months’ time.

  4. I have tried so many different Bluetooth Mono headsets and I can’t find anything that beats the Voyager Legend.
    For the feature set, software downloads, call quality and noise cancelling it is the best of all.
    I had the Bose mono head set and really liked the noise cancelling, the size and comfort. However the battery life was sub par and the features were lacking.
    I’m always looking for something better unfortunately nothing beats the Voyager Legend at this time April 2016.

  5. I have tried several Bluetooth headsets in 2015, but actually a didn’t find any of them as good. This is about something like choose the “less bad one”. I have a Voyager Legend as well, but these short tests are very far from experienced long-term usage. That’s true that Legend is the best, but still not good. Don’t forget about the people who stand on the other end of the line. Whenever I use Legend, I experience good call quality, not like the other person. The mikes in these bluetooth headsets are still terrible in 2016. As long as you are sitting in a quite room without moving around, they are fine, but thats it. Looking forward to see the new one Plantronics 5200 which was boosted with 4 mikes….

    • My father bought one. Sometimes in noisey situations it is flawless and when it gets really noisey he gets robotic tinny sounding but you can still tell what he’s saying. That said, there are situations where he breaks up and I can’t tell what he’s saying. This is with noise and without. Hard telling what’s going on but I believe it is mic position and it is very particular on how it wants to sit.
      So in my experience you are right. It’s probably the best but it still isn’t great. It should be updated to remove background noise only when absolutely necessary so it at least transmits your voice in most situations.

  6. Just use Jabra wave. . Too gud.
    Just need to know any new updates of wave model.
    Even in crowded place like 30 pax.u can easily talk and hear from the other end.battery life very gudgeon talk time 8 hours. Full charge.
    Always use branded mobiles to enhance clarity of bluetooth

  7. I have had virtually all of the Jawbone models from the original Jawbone 1 through the era. I found they have the best sound overall. The era by far is the least comfortable of the lot. since so much of the earbud on this one has to sit in your ear. I could not get any of the three different size earbuds to make a fit. The voyager edge seemed to have superior sound to the voyager pro but it doesn’t give that secure a fit. It fell off my ear on occasion, and finally got lost by falling down an elevator shaft.

  8. Hi:

    I purchased two Plantronics Voyager Legends and have been happy with the sound, but very unhappy with the function. When receiving a call, most of the time, the Legend will ring (so far so good), but when the call begins the device switches to the handset. It is not my phone because my car’s bluetooth never does that, but the Legend almost always does.

    There is a work-around for me that works most of the time: I change the call to speaker, then back to bluetooth. Usually that allows me to continue the call through the Legend, but even that does not always work.

    Another annoying thing is that I can’t just say “call Wilson Jones, Mobile” to initiate a call like I could with another device.

    I’m very unhappy with my Legends as they both do the same thing.

  9. Have the Sennheiser Presence…does not work well with iPhone 6. Even with firmware updates, while I have no problem hearing others, the person on the other end has trouble hearing me after 5+ minutes. I’ve replaced the unit under warranty 3 times…each time the same problem.

  10. I have a plantronics m165 marque 2 I hate the thing!! People call me I say answer it won’t pick up or it will pick up the call and it switches to my phone then I have to switch it to Bluetooth it’s never consistent I never know when it will or won’t work. It also will drop the call on me. And I have to call the person back which is very annoying to those calling.

  11. I noticed you didn’t review the Jabra Eclipse. This headset has been out since at least April 2016 and initial reviews were very promising when I researched then. Could you compare this device against the others?

  12. Stop messing that hair !!! Try Spydereggs Sport Web Pro behind the head headsets. Great quality and priced right with some really solid testimonials. Works with all cell phones and great microphone.

  13. I have the Sennheiser Presence and the Voyager 5200. I prefer the button layout on the Voyager 5200, but overall I prefer the Sennheiser headset. Trying mute by hitting two buttons on the Sennheiser isn’t as easy as one button on the Plantronics. The Sennheiser answers calls much faster with little delay. The delay on the Voyagers in comparison can be annoying. Battery life is way longer on the Sennheiser. I’ve had more problems with the Plantronics switching over to handset especially the Edge variant.

    According to the party on the other end, the Sennheiser is better at blocking noise. I have the Edge and Legend, too. The Edge is horrible for background noise–get a lot of complaints wearing that one which then annoys me. The Edge is not good for wind, but the other three are fine. I talk on my headsets several hours every day due to work.

    • Thanks for the advice i was trying to decide between the two after having wind complaints on my edge. You helped me out a lot on this one. I want the headset with the best noise canceling and voice clarity. Secondarily feature differences. I am looking specifically at the senhieser and 5200. You would recommend the senhieser?

  14. All that I see here is ear bud technology. I have hearing aids that I need for proper fidelity. Have you nothing to say about over the ear technology?

  15. I really need this type of article as I am going to purchase a Bluetooth headset. you have shared various information but I think the main thing about Bluetooth headset is its sound and battery life. After it, the features will also be considered. I have used so many headphones but I must say Sony is best in the terms of sound quality.

  16. Which of these headsets can connect to my Sony Z3 and my computer- I use my laptop to make calls but it would be nice to pair with my Sony as well. I use a bria softphone, will any of these connect to a latptop as well? Thanks

    I did test the least expensive Plantronics and it did pair with both, however the sound could not be adjusted even with an adaptor to plug into the computer.

    I am willing to invest as long as it lasts and it does what I need it to do. I do need at least 7 hours of talk time as I can charge it during my breaks.


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