Best Earbuds 2019 | 10 Best In Ear Headphones 2018 Reviewed!

Best Earbuds 2019 | 10 Best In Ear Headphones 2018 Reviewed!

Music is an integral part of our lives and there’s no denying that without good music, life would seem a lot more boring and unfulfilling. Whether you’re using the earbuds to listen to music or something like a full sized studio headphone, a good listening experience is something necessary.

Quick Comparison: Best Earbuds 2018 

Best Earbuds 2018 Buying Tips To Follow

For anyone who likes to listen to music and is passionate, the whole process of buying earbuds is a lot simpler. You just have to pick the pair that fits your budget and sounds according to your music preference. However, for people who are not as adept with earbuds, there are quite some things that you have to keep in mind.

In order to make things easier for you, we have decided to take a look at some of the basic things that you need to keep in mind when buying a pair of earphones. Consider this as an earphones 2018 buying guide that you can use.

Despite the big difference between earphones, and headphones, the guide can somehow apply to both. So, without wasting more time, let’s take a look at the buying guide.

Your Budget

Believe it or not, when it comes to buying earbuds, you get what you pay for - in most cases. Yes, there are some earphones available in the market that overcharge you for the name that they have established over the couple of years. But in many cases, this doesn’t happen.

If you are planning on buying a pair of earphones, you need to determine your budget. This way, it’ll be a lot easier for you to find options rather than hopelessly looking for the earphones that you want to buy.

Wired vs Wireless Earphones

Whether you want to go wireless or wired, is also a big factor that can make or break the whole buying experience. The age old debate about wired being better than wireless is still going but thanks to several different wireless technologies available in the market, the experience has become a lot similar than it used to be.

As a matter of fact, there are several wireless headphones/earphones available in the market that are almost as good as the wired pair. With that in mind, you should make up your mind before you go search for a pair of earbuds, because it can lead to some confusions that you are probably not in the mood to go for.

Driver Type

There are earphones that only come with one driver, and there are earphones that have multiple drivers in them; the idea of having multiple drivers is to make the sound a lot better than what a single driver could do. However, the caveat here is definitely the added cost that comes with it.

Whenever you’re in the market for a pair of earphones, you definitely need to consider the type of driver combination you’re looking for. While having more drivers won’t necessarily make the sound stage comparable to actual headphones, it will provide a lot better experience than just having single driver in the earphones.


Despite the fact that earphones are small and generally considered comfortable, we were surprised when we came across some notorious pair of earbuds that weren’t comfortable at all. Believe it or not, comfort is something that plays a huge role in your entire music experience. Having a bad pair of earphones can have a drastically negative experience.

The best way to determine whether or not the comfort level of the earphones is good enough is to read some reviews on the internet or personally taste different pairs that you have in mind in order to know which is the one that you actually prefer.

Once you have narrowed down the list, it’ll be a lot easier for you to buy the best possible pair you can find.


Last but not the least, when choosing a pair of earphones, one really important thing that you should look for is the added accessories. Through years of our buying and testing earphones, we have come to realize that the higher you pay, the less amount of accessories you get, mainly because all that money is actually spent on making the earphones as good as they sound.

With that in mind, one shouldn’t stay away from accessories just because of that, you should at least get a carrying case, as well as a clip on accessory, and some extra ear tips. Some manufacturers ago above and beyond and include other accessories like cleaning cloth, as well as filters that you can replace in order to have a different sound stage.

Now that we have everything out of the way, we can go ahead and look at the best earbuds you can buy.

Best In-Ear Headphones 2018 Review

10. Klipsch R6i In-Ear Headphones (Best Earbuds Under 50)

Klipsch Reference R6i

When it comes to audio, Klipsch is one of the companies that's been here for years, and have produced some of the best sounding headphones in the market

To start the list, we are looking at the world famous Klipsch Reference R6i. These in ear headphones have been around for quite some time. Yet, they remain amazing mainly because of how comfortable they are, and for anyone who loves to have a kicking bass, these are a must have.

These are super comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, and thanks to the oval shape, they offer a tight fit. These earbuds also have a flat cable, meaning that it won’t get tangled. However, you’d have to be careful because it’s impossible to repair a flat cable.

For those wondering, the cable does come equipped with an inline microphone that has 3 buttons as well allowing you to play/pause, skip, or go back to a track should you wish to. Addition of an inline microphone is something nice because a lot of people still use that.

Last but not the least, the earphone does come with different sized ear tips, a clip that you can attach to the cord, and a well-designed carrying case. The overall sound quality is good, with great emphasis on bass, which is weird because these are called reference earphones.

Still, bass is plenty and strong. However, the downside to this factor is that it ends up overpowering the other frequencies, especially the treble which ends up suffering.

This may not be a problem for people who prefer more bass, but it’s important for a good pair of earphones to have a balanced sound, or at least enough separation between frequencies so the person listening to them doesn’t feel one frequency being overpowered by the another one.

All in all, the Klipsch Reference R6i are nice pair of earphones that are comfortable, have a tight fit, and come with a decent pair of accessories to help you make the most out of your money.

Even though the bass may be too much for people who don’t want to prefer, we still can’t shake off the feeling that these earphones are pretty good for the price that you’re paying for these.

All in all, this is one of the best cheap earbuds pair in the market

9. HiFiMan RE-400 In-Ear Monitor Earphones

HiFiMan RE-400

HIFiMan is one company that has been on the mind of almost all the audiophiles, and it’s all reasonable because the company is known to be one of the best, and leading when it comes to great earphones and headphones.

The product that we are looking at today is the famous HiFiMan RE-400. Perhaps the most affordable pair of earphones that doesn’t cost a lot, but offers audiophile grade performance, and a solid build quality. But is there more from where this is coming from? Well, let’s find out.

For starters, the RE-400 come in a rather attractive design that isn’t flashy at all, at most. It’s actually understated, and will go well for people who want to keep things simple and straight. Even though the design is rather simple, the good thing is that the build quality remains the best in class; the RE-400 use a machine milled aluminum housing that speaks quality, and happen to be really, really lightweight.

Another good thing is that the earphones remain comfortable throughout the entire listening experience, making the RE-400 the number one choice of people who want to be able to listen to music for longer periods without really having the need to take out the earphones that they are wearing.

For those who are wondering, the redeeming quality of the HiFiMan isn’t the amazing build for a cheap price. The greatest thing about these earphones is the sound quality. During our testing, we have managed to come to a conclusion that the HiFiMan RE-400 offer an extremely refined sound that is super clear, and well balanced all around.

It’s quite surprising for earbuds to do that mainly because of how small they are, but every single frequency can be distinguished, allowing for an amazing listening experience that not a lot of earphones can offer, especially at this price.

However, there’s just one small gripe that is important to mention in this review, the earphones don’t really ship with a lot of accessories, and you don’t even get an inline remote/microphone combination. However, keep in mind that if you plug in your earphones that don’t have a mic, then your phone’s mic will be the one that’ll be utilized for all calls.

If you’re with these trivial shortcomings, then there’s nothing that can stop the HiFiMan RE-400 from being quite possibly the best value earphones that are available in the market.

8. B&O BeoPlay H3 In-Ear Headphones

B&O Play Beoplay H3

If you are looking for a good pair of earbuds, and budget isn’t the issue, you may want to look at some offerings from B&O. 

Keeping that in mind, we are looking at the famous B&O Play Beoplay H3, one of the more expensive offerings that are available in the market. The good news is that, all that price goes into making these into some great sounding earphones. 

Right out of the box, these earphones manage to last a lasting impression thanks to their attractive, stylish, yet simple design language. The housing is a very subtle shade of gold, and while it may not please everyone, it certainly looks great. However, if you want to have a different color to buy, the option is certainly available in the market. These earphones are available in all black, and natural color that looks a lot like silver.

The overall construction is solid, and the earphones don’t feel cheap at all. However, when we took these out of the box, we were more concerned with how they sound rather than how they look, and in all honesty, these are one of the best sounding pairs that we have tested.

For starters, you need to know that these earphones are more focused on the mids, meaning that vocals are the priority here. However, it’s equally important for you to know that despite the focus being on Mids, the Highs and Lows still sound relatively good, allowing the listener a very great listening experience.

You also get a dedicated inline remote that works on both iOS and Android, so for those who want that, it’s something to note. All in all, the B&O Play Beoplay H3 are great earphones, they have a simple, lightweight design that allows them to be really comfortable even for longer periods of time.

They sound great thanks to the fact that no frequency manages to overpower another frequency, and they are generally amazing earphones. However, keep in mind that if you’re looking for something that packs a lot of punch when it comes to lows, or want to have extremely bright highs, then these are not for you.

Ignore these subjective shortcomings, and you’ve gotten yourself perhaps one of the best sounding pair of earphones that is available in the market.

7. Shure SE315-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure SE315-Best-Earbuds-2018

Shure has always been one of our favorites when it comes to earphones mainly because of how good the quality of their product is, and the sound too. Their SE lineup of earphones has been critically acclaimed by the users, as well as critics for several years, and have managed to become a benchmark for the remaining products.

Today, we are looking at the Shure SE315, one of the more affordable products in the SE lineup. For those wondering, these do come with some of the legendary offerings that have been made common by Shure. In case you are wondering, you get lots of different ear tips to choose from, a carrying case, and detachable cable.

These are some of the features that have made Shure have such high regards in the audiophile community. Now the SE315 are certainly on the expensive side, but you need to keep in mind that there are some great things about these earphones.

First, you get the signature Shure sound, a company which prides itself for making earphones that offer well balanced sound signature. And while we had some issues with the fit, thanks to the variety of ear tips provided in the box, it wasn’t much of an issue once we found the right pair suited for our ears.

Thanks to the right fit, the sound isolation you get is beyond amazing. There’s no denying that these are one of the best sounding earphones with passive noise isolation that is amazing. Combine that with great sound and you’ve got yourself a perfect match.

Last but not the least, we also admire Shure’s approach towards a modular design, the earphones come with a variety of different ear tips that will help you choose the best one, and it will make things a lot easier for you.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, the Shure SE315 do come with a nice carrying case as well, allowing you to easily carry your earphones wherever you’d want to do so. All in all, the Shure SE315 are wonderful earphones, and while they do cost more than your standard pair of earphones, they make up for it by offering a lot.

You may have an issue with the fit right out of the box, but once you have the right fit, things will be great for the listening experience.

6. Grado GR10e In-Ear Headphones


Grado is one of the companies that not a lot of people have heard about. However, the good news is that their products have remained on top of the chain for quite some time, and rightfully so. Grado has been releasing some pretty amazing headphones and earphones, and today on the table, we have the famous Grado GR10.

Now the GR10 has a very mysterious name, and if you say it in front of an average joe, he may not know what you’re talking about. However, the good thing is that once these babies are out of the box, and into your ears, you’d be singing praises about just how good these earphones are.

First things first, the GR10 come nicely packaged, and it’s actually good to see that companies are actually paying attention to detail. Sadly, the packaging only contains some additional filters, and some silicone tips, in addition of earphones.

It’s sad to see that the packaging is pretty standard on things like a carrying case, or other accessories like a clip that would have helped to sweeten the deal. We assume that this decision was made to keep the price in check.

Now the good thing about the GR10 is that the sound quality is really good. Pretty much everything you hear is detailed and well balanced. Sure, you may not hear a lot of difference if you’re using it with an iPod, or a standard phone, but use this with a good DAC/Amp and you have a powerful combo right out of the box.

All in all, the Grado GR10 are a wonderful pair of earphones that offer a lot of performance for not a lot of price. Sure, the color may feel a bit odd to a lot of people, but if you’re looking for something flashy, or you’re generally okay with something flashy, then the Grado GR10 is right up your alley, and we can assure that you it won’t be disappointing at all.

Sure, it may not come with the most accessories right out of the box, but the value is right there in the earphones, and not the stuff it comes with, or doesn’t. The actual value is in just how good they sound, and they do sound pretty amazing.

5. RHA T10i Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones


RHA is a company that isn’t known by a lot of average consumers, mainly because they have a higher focus on strictly audiophile components that are somewhat out of reach for average consumers. However, that doesn’t mean that the list will exclude them, since the sole purpose of this list is to cater the needs of all sorts of consumers in the market.

Say hello to the RHA T10i, a pair of earphones that offers a lot more than its dubious name. For starters, the pair is really well crafted, and carries a unique design that isn’t known by many. After a great unboxing experience, you’re presented with an abundance of accessories, and considering how the pair’s priced, it makes sense.

You get a nice carrying case, 3 sets of acoustic filters, 10 different ear tips, and an in-line remote/mic combo that works on Apple devices as well. For reference sake, this is just the beginning; once you’re done with the unboxing, you are greeted with really well made earphones that have the right amount of weight, and quality to them.

As for the sound quality, well, what can we say. The RHA T10i are perhaps one of the most polished pair of earphones we have tested when it comes to the sound quality. While we used to believe that earphones can’t give you sound quality as good as proper sized headphones. We were wrong because it isn’t the case at all.

As a matter of fact, the RHA T10i are really well-sound. They’re balanced, rich in detail, and have all the makings for a wonderful pair. The highs are clear, the mids are prominent, and the lows feel full without compromising, or overpowering other frequencies.

With all the good things aside, there are some downsides that we noticed, but we believe them to be subjective. For starters, they happen to carry a little weight with them, and while the weight isn’t something like a deal breaker, it can feel a bit uncomfortable for some people.

Last but not the least, the in-line remote may not work with the older Android devices. However, it does work just fine with modern day phones. If you’re okay with these minor shortcomings, then the RHA 10i is a perfect pair for you, with all the right bells and whistles you’d expect from an amazing pair of earphones.

4. Focal Sphear High-Resolution In-Ear Headphones (Best Earbuds Under 100)


We weren’t really expecting a lot from Focal's Sphear to begin with. Yet, we were welcomed by a pair of earphones that managed to take us by surprise through and through. Simply put, the Focal Sphear can easily be considered the type of earphones you'd need if you want an audiophile experience in an affordable price.

They’re not that expensive to begin with, and still manage to provide enough bang for your buck. Sure, you may wonder that there are other options available in the market, but considering the price to performance ratio, things can’t really get better than these.

You get a pretty nice amount of accessories with your pair of earphones; there’s a carrying case, an airplane adapter, multiple ear-tips, and a nice carrying case. As far as the value is concerned, we can barely complain.

In case you’re wondering how good they sound, the good news is that it’s pretty good. For starters, you get crisp, well detailed sound signature with absolutely no overpowering, whatsoever. This is really important in the earphones, as it gives them to them the chance to be able to represent all the sound frequencies perfectly.

You even get an inline microphone should you choose to attend calls using the earbuds, and there’s plenty to keep you coming back for more. The Focal Sphear are actually a wonderful pair of earphones that offer a lot. There are some downsides, however, that you must know before you go ahead and buy these.

For starters, there’s some amount of ambient noise that manages to creep in, and while it may not be noticeable during music, it can be heard when you’re actually wearing them. If you’re okay with this somewhat small, and subjective downside, then you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever with the Focal Sphear.

All in all, these are a great pair, and if we are to suggest you a pair of earphones in the given price range, then you shouldn’t really look anywhere else.

3. 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Hedphones (Best Earbuds 2018)


For those who don’t know happen to know, 1More is that company who worked closely with Xiaomi in order to make earphones for them. Xiaomi’s Piston lineup of earphones was amazing because it was cheap, and offered great sound.

Years later, 1More decided to move on, and create something of their own. Something costlier, but actually a lot better than what they have previously worked on. Surprisingly, there’s no proper name for the earphones, as they are just known as Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones by 1More.

If you’re okay with the boring name, you’d be pleasantly surprised by the earphones as soon as you open them. The unboxing experience is quite possible one of the best, they arrive in a simple package, has a variety of different ear tips, and airplane adapter, a clip that is simple, and elegant, and a gorgeous looking carrying case.

The earphones themselves have a Kevlar braided wire, aluminum housing on the ear pieces as well as on the in-line microphone/remote combo. The inline microphone is supporting both Android and iOS, so you don’t really need to worry about.

Moving on to the most important part, their sound. Well, to be honest, 1More took us by surprise, these earphones do have 3 separate drivers, meaning that they already have an edge over some of the earphones that are available in the market.

As far as the sound is concerned, these are perhaps the most refined pair of earphones that are available in the market. The lows, mids, and the highs are extremely well detailed, and can be distinguished with great ease.

The bass is full, and well detailed, but never too overpowering, but the best thing here is that you actually have a pair of earphones that are suitable for majority of audiophiles.

Sure, the price comes close to some of the audiophile grade headphones, but sometimes, full sized headphones aren’t the answer, especially when the user wants to buy something easier to carry.

With all the good things aside, we honestly didn’t face any issues with earphones.

They’re comfortable, they sound amazing, come loaded with accessories, and they provide audiophile grade sound that has become our favourite.

If you’re in the market looking for amazing wired earphones that give you a top notch performance, nothing can be better than the 1More Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones, at least in the price they are being sold at.

2. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Headphones


Sennheiser is just one of the names that have been leading in the audio industry for a long, long time. The company is known for creating audio products that are amazing for almost everyone, and they even have some of the higher end headphones that are just a little shy away from being luxury items.

However, the good thing is that the company does cater to the needs of people who are on a budget, meaning that they have a list of some budget oriented items as well. One such item is the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear, the affordable in-ear headphones that promise to deliver the same sound quality we have come to expect from the company.

The earphones come nicely packaged, something you’d expect from Sennheiser. You'll get a nice red and black carrying case and the standard set of accessories that include some additional ear tips as well. These in ear headphones used a 2 tone red/black flat wire that isn’t what Sennheiser is known for, but still looks like a fresh change.

The ear pieces are also red, and look quite fancy. Sadly, the company’s chosen to go with plastic instead of aluminum housing, and that is something that leaves a lot to be desired. The earphones come in 2 different versions; one of them has the in-line microphone/remote support for Android, and while the other has support for Apple’s devices.

Sound quality can be dubbed exciting, it’s nowhere near balanced mainly because the treble can be a little brash, but if you prefer your music like that, you’ll certainly enjoy what the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear has to offer.

All in all, the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear are actually a wonderful pair of earphones that you can certainly enjoy. That being said, the plastic construction can be a bit of a bother for a lot of people, and not to mention that the treble is the most prominent frequency that we have here.

If you’re okay with these, then you will have a great experience with the Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear.

1. Bose QuietComfort 20 Noise Cancelling In-Ear Headphones


The last earphones on our list is by none other than Bose, the same company who’s been a master at noise cancelling headphones, and earphones for years. The product we are looking at on our table is from their famous QuiteComfort series and is known as the Bose QuiteComfort 20.

Now these earphones are a lot different than what we are normally used to. You see, these come with Bose’s legendary active noise cancellation, but they’re not wireless either.

These earphones are hooked to a unit that has a lithium battery inside it that can be recharged, along with all the important circuitry for the active noise cancellation. This means that overall bulk is certainly there, but that doesn’t stop the actual earphones from being incredibly comfortable.

Yes, in case you are wondering, the overall comfort level of the Bose QuiteComfort 20 is as legendary as it gets, they are lightweight, well built, and can stay in your ears for as long as you want without really bothering you in the first place.

In addition to that, the overall sound quality remains impressive as it gets, and in all honesty, this is exactly what we have expected from Bose over the past couple of years. However, sound quality isn’t the most surprising thing about the earphones.

The most surprising thing is Bose’s amazing implementation of active noise cancellation. Sure, the unit looks big and clunky, but you can easily conceal it in your pocket along with your phone. In all honesty, noise cancelling does add hell of a difference in the overall listening experience, and we couldn’t be happier with it.

The only gripe we have is that the battery isn’t user replaceable. However, they do come with a generous warranty, so should you need a replacement, you can easily do so.

Last but not the least, the earphones are quite expensive as compared to some of the other offerings in the market, and the price takes them into the realm of full sized headphones.

 If you’re okay with the issues that we mentioned above, then go ahead and buy the Bose QuiteComfort 20, and we can assure you that you won’t regret your decision at all.


After carefully testing the number of earphones that we have had with us, drawing a conclusion wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. However, things started becoming a lot obvious after we tested the 1More Triple Driver earphones.

Things became quite evident, and we have to say that the earphones are certainly the best earbuds in the market at the moment. They have 3 individual drivers, are loaded with accessories, have the best build quality we have seen so far, and sound quality is just over the top brilliant.

On top of everything else, they are also super affordable, so buying them shouldn’t be an issue for anyone. All in all, we are really, really happy with how good they sound. The 1More Triple Driver are the clear winner of this list of best earbuds 2018, without a doubt.

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  3. I think it’s important to point out that while these options are certainly good, these are only companies that are relatively widely known. There are quite a few other “prestigious” companies that specialize in only IEMs such as Noble Audio, 64 Audio, Vision Ears, JH Audio, and Alclair Audio to name a few. If you’re TRULY looking for the best of the best in terms of IEMs then those are the companies you wanna invest some research time into. Keep in mind though that just like getting prestigious level headphones, IEMs can be just as expensive costing sometimes upwards of $300 for ENTRY level models and custom versions costing as much as $3,000+ for something like a custom Noble Prestige Katana or Kaiser Encore, or a 64 Audio A18.

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