Best In-Ear Headphones Under 100 in 2019

Best In-Ear Headphones Under 100 in 2019

So you want to know about some affordable pair of In-Ear headphones Under 100, right?

The reasons can be various. Most likely, it is the price. Before you’ve searched for these affordable earbuds, I’m pretty much sure that you’ve probably been discouraged, even by you peers.

When you told ’em that you want good in-ear headphones, that too under 100 Bucks, there response might be like this:

“Oh man, In which world you’re livin’? Go get something like Phonak Audeo PFE 132, if you wanna listen good music?”

Why they’re saying it?

Hey, that’s what price and marketing is all about. This is the reason why we love iPhones more than any Droid — even if it’s Nexus — and that too is the reason why everybody likes eating MacDonald’s Burger. Well, in both examples, I’m not saying that these products are bad. Both are pretty good, but even better in marketing.

Let me sum up what I am saying so far: You CAN listen decent — or even High-Quality — music in an affordable price. This was the reason I’m writing this post, to debunk some price-relating myths in headphones field — including this one: “More expensive? It must be Better”.

Now let me clear up more one misconception In-Ear Headphones and Earbuds are not Exactly the same thing. Well, mostly they are the same thing but with one major difference. Earbuds are devices which “stays” outside your ear canal. They have an almost flat curvature. In Ear Headphones/Earphones, on the other hand, are ones that actually “get stuck” in your ear canal and make it air-tight, so that you can have Best Noise Isolation.

So Yes, now you may thought that this posts title is wrong. Because I’ve included both in-ear headphones and earbuds, instead of only former.Having said that much already, let’s start what I found about these these affordable in-ears:

Best in-ear headphones under 100 in 2019

7. Klipsch R6i – Buy Now


If you previously used Klipsch’ products you would find that R6i is big contrast from this manufacturer’ philosophy. Since many of previous Klispch’ devices like S4i or even X7i had an “Anti-Beats” sound, to hear Klipsch R6i giving Beats-like youth-loved Bass is quite strange — but in a good way. This Rich Bass is complimented by High-Mids and Balanced sound.

Nothing out of ordinary in Design. Except that you will get Klipsch’ proprietary oval-shaped eartips over metallic earpeices. Both of these earpieces are connected by cable that also supports In-line remote controls (For iPhones only). For those among us, who have narrow ear canals, they would have to use Double-folanged eartips provided. It total you would get 4 different size ear tips, so don’t you worry about its fit.


Just as I said, it is, not for traditional audiophiles but, for younger audience — who prefer Thumping Bass over rich sound — just like Beats’ PowerBeats 2. Albeit in half price.

6. Bose Freestyle Earbuds – Best Earbuds for Workout – Buy Now


Like  many other affordable options, Bose FreeStyle are aimed for youth. As their name they are aimed to target young people who love more color choices. On design, they resembles pretty much to are older Bose’s SIE2i sports model. But former has superior cord design than later. And like SIE2i, Bose Freestyle are also water-resistant. This means you don’t have to worry about sweat –- during jogging and Gym sessions.

These buds stay up in your ears with the help of soft silicon-made Bose’s StayHear tips which have a somewhat wing-like design. Bose FreeStyle also have inline remote controls – and it’ll work for Android and Windows Phone too. But this remote is more Apple-biased. It means not all of its features will work for Android (we’ve tested its ios version, can’t say about controls in Samsung version) and Windows Phone.

On performance, it gives you above par sound -which is good. But then again, you get headphones like Beyerdynamic’s DX160 iE, which give sound much better but they are expensive too. On testing I found it, well balanced with good amount of Bass. My only complaint is its treble quality. Treble quality didn’t impress me – but it was still average. Treble in these in-ears compresses low and high notes.

About Noise Isolation? I should say that by no way they’re good for noisier environment. But still, they can play – most of music genres good. These earbuds come in three different versions – with Without microphone, microphone for IOS and microphone for Samsung.

5. Shure SE215 – Buy Now


Being called a “touchy blend of comfort, performance and value”, Shure SE215 a little brother cum lookalike of pricier Shure SE425. Unlike many others in this list, these are actual in-ear headphones/earphones. That’s why it gains an incredible amount of noise isolation. To make its cable easily repaired — they can be detached.

On design, it follows RHA T10i’ — a High-End earphones by the way — suite. It’s due to the fact that, like T10i, its cable goes from upward to backside of your ears. This thing makes them pretty weightless. One big thing you may miss is In-Line Controls — because Shure SE215 doesn’t have any.

Now you may not like its bigger earpeices, but there is a solid reason for them. Shure compensates that large profile by putting some fantastic drivers there. Courtesy of these, you will get a clear, without-artificial-bass sound. Of course, it can’t get sound at the level of SE425, it is $100 cheaper too. You will also get 6 different pairs of eartips to find best fit for yours ears.

4. Plantronics BackBeat Fit  Buy Now

Plantronics-BackBeat-Fit Best in-ear headphones under 100

Plantronics’ BeackBeat Fit is one of the best Wireless In-Ear headphones . But more importantly, it is the best wireless in-ear headphones under 100 for Gym Workout. Normally you see many companies advertise for their “Best Workout/Sports Headphones” or something like that. Well, in most cases, these sports are just good to be used in Gym’ Workout sessions, not anywhere else (Hint: Their Sound Quality Sucks).

But it’s not the case with this one, we will discuss its sound in paragraphs later. First thing for talk is about its design, a bit from headsets of same space like Jaybird Gear BlueBuds X and Plantronics’ BackBeat Go 2. It’s different because its eartips don’t air-tight your ear-canal. That can let you hear some ambient noise, when passing through crowdy areas. It has a rubbery headband which resides on backside of your neck, loose strap and silicon eartips.

Since it is made for workout sessions, it has been given a P2i sweat-proof coating. You can use to make calls through its microphones. Unlike most wireless headphones, it’s got all of its controls such as play/pause buttons and volume buttons etc. on its left earpiece. It charges in 2.5 hours. To charge it, you can use MicroUSB post on its right side, along with power and phone button.

On audio-quality, it doesn’t support Noise Cancellation. That may actually give you benefit, if you’re driving or Jogging — to hear your surroundings. Since it lacks low-frequency needed for Big Bass, you won’t get Beats’ like Bass. But still, its sound quality is balanced with good mixture of Treble and Mids.

3. Audio-Technica ATH-CKX7iS SonicFuel – Buy Now


And now here is an earphone, that won PCMag’s Editor Choice Award for Mid-range In-Ear headphones. Available in 5 different color options, this pair of headphones have Bose FreeStyle-like design. I am saying this because both have “C-shape” fins over their eartips that help them to stay in your ears.

Talking about eartips, these eartips feature 360-rotation which makes fitting very easy. Along with these in-ears 3 C-shaped tips, 4 pairs of Silicon eartips and one pair of comply foam tips (arguably the best tips around), all of them have different size. It also a flat cable (no need to tell flat cable’ advantage here again) that boasts in-line controls. There, we have a Single button for play/play/skip songs + answer/end calls too. All will depend on how many times you press it. There is a Volume slider too, which you adjusting your volume, while your Phone is in your pocket/bag.

Performance wise I didn’t notice any major problem in this pair. Like mid-range earphones, this one too has deep Bass but that Bass blends well with crispy high-mids. One problem that I usually find in some less-pricy in-ears/earbuds is distortion at a high volume. But it didn’t happen in this one, even at Top volume there is no distortion whatsoever.

What’s even more good is that you can buy’em in just over $50, compared to others in this list, that are close to $100.

2. NHT SuperBuds – Buy Now


NHT’s SuperBuds have many attributes that defy their entry-level nature. First among those is its design, not even for a sec you would though that you’ve bought them under $70. Reason is its largely-aluminium design which makes its look like a high-end device. Also worth mentioning are its Braided/ shoelace-type cloth cable – which is tangible-resistant and durable — and inline remote remote controls which let you answer/end calls, skip and pause songs not just on your iPhone, but also on Android and Windows Phone devices. One thing to note here, is that its inline remote doesn’t offer volume adjustments.

Its eartips are comfortable and fit tightly inside your ears, which means complete noise isolation. For different ears’ shapes and sizes, it comes along with 5 different latex eartips pairs and two sets of Comply T-200 memory foam tips.  On technical side, NHT SuperBuds contain 2-way high quality coaxial dynamic drivers. You will also get a free equalizer — for both Android and ios users — to tweak your sound.

And now you’ll discuss its core function, the sound quality. Like most headphones in this list, it’s got a big fat Bass. Lows are also very well balanced with a little harsh Treble, but that may help you in case you have a low-quality MP3. Overall, it doesn;t sound like Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear but if you want ‘Bass-ful’ music, you’ll love it.

What other’s say?

According to Forbes: NHT SuperBuds are “Excellent $100 Headphones“.

1. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear – Best In-Ears Under 100 – Buy Now

Sennheiser Momentum

Well, it is THE BEST In-Ear Headphones for 2018 pair overall, not just best under 100 Bucks. Sennheiser Momentum line is generally considered to be at Top-tier in any audio niche. Be it Over-Ear, On-Ear or even In-Ears, Momentum devices are in there.

On design, Momentum In-Ear Looks slick, thanks to Red and Black color combination that gives you matte and glossy finish. It has a flat cable, which in turn has many advantages like Flexibility, Greater Strength, lightweight etc. Back ends of its earpeices are comparatively large. You will also get an inline remote along the headphones and 4 different-sized eartips.

Its sound is bit more relied on its Bass and Treble, quite a contrast from balanced-sounding Momentum lines. Obviously you can’t expect it to match its expensive On and Over-Ear Brothers in terms of sound-quality. But there are still very few in-ears that are light, comfortable, can give you high quality, and remain under 100 Bucks too.

What other’s think about it

“If your budget allows for a $100 set of in-ear headphones, you’ll be greatly rewarded by the value packed into Sennheiser’s Momentum In-Ear. The stunning design, with tangle-free cables and inline controls, will get you in the door, but the sound quality will keep you in the Sennheiser house.”  – Notes Cameron Faulkner of TechRadar.

Few Words From Author

So this is it fellas. This were Best In-Ear Headphones and Earbuds Under 100 you can buy, in my opinion. I hope that you now know that you can ditch your smartphone’ stock in-ears for other affordable options. I.m looking forward for your opinion through comments.

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