10 Best iPhone Accessories 2019

10 Best iPhone Accessories 2019

Few days back, I wrote about Free IOS Games. Then I thought that since Accessories are also sort of ‘must-have’ gadget in order to fully utilize your smartphone, why shouldn’t I write ’bout them also? ‘Cause their significance is further increased when you buy an iPhone. Because when you spent that much money on such a premium device, it will be an utter nonsense to not utilize it well.

Keeping that mind, I have compiled a list of Best iPhone Accessories to BUY in 2019. All of these are compatible with iPhone 6 and some are compatible with other models too.

Best iPhone Accessories 2019

10. Spigen PET Screen Guard: Buy Now

Spigen PET Screen Guard - 10 Best Iphone Accessories 2015

Even though screen of latest iPhone 6 doesn’t get scratched too easily, it still needs a nice and decent screen protector. That’s why here we have Spigen PET Screen Guard. It is specially designed by keeping clarity first priority. So that you can have a good screen protector without necessarily sacrificing clarity. It comes in a three-in-1 pack, you can apply any of the 3 protectors on it depending on your personal touch preference. Whether you like glossy, matte or in between them, touch. Other than this, it is absolutely oil resistant, so you don’t have to care about those smudges. It is also very easy to apply and remove.

9. Olloclip 4-in-1 lens: Buy Now

Olloclip - 10 Best Iphone Accessories 2015

The iPhone’s camera quality is considered to be very good – true, you can increase it further more – in case you want it. For this purpose we have Olloclip 4-in-1 Camera Lens which can dramatically improve your image quality. It is easily detachable, so you can attach and remove it, whenever you want. Its features include Fish Eye lens, Wide Angle Lens, 10x Macro Lens and 15x Macro Lens etc. In short, you’re one step away from pro-looking images.

8. Griffin PowerDock 5: Buy Now

Griffin PowerDock 5 - 10 Best Iphone Accessories 2015

Imagine that you have five or more iPhones/iPads in your house. Power Charging for all of these devices can be quite hectic – especially if there is no spare plug at the moment. For this problem, solution is Griffin PowerDock 5. As its name suggests it is a Power Dock. But what’s interesting about this Dock is that it is extremely compact and can charge five IOS Devices simultaneously. Besides IOS devices it can also charge Kindle and Android tablets etc.

7. Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Headphones: Buy Now

Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear Headphones

Well, it is one of BEST In-Ear Headphones for 2018 pair overall, not just best earbuds under 100 Bucks. Sennheiser Momentum line is generally considered to be at Top-tier in any audio niche. Be it Over-Ear, On-Ear or even In-Ears, Momentum devices are in there.

On design, Momentum In-Ear Looks slick, thanks to Red and Black color combination that gives you matte and glossy finish. It has a flat cable, which in turn has many advantages like Flexibility, Greater Strength, lightweight etc. Backends of its earpieces are comparatively large. You will also get an inline remote along the headphones and 4 different-sized ear tips.

Its sound is bit more relied on its Bass and Treble, quite a contrast from balanced-sounding Momentum lines. Obviously, you can’t expect it to match its expensive On and Over-Ear Brothers in terms of sound quality. But there are still very few in-ears that are light, comfortable, can give you high quality, and remain under 100 Bucks too.

What other’s think about it

“If your budget allows for a $100 set of in-ear headphones, you’ll be greatly rewarded by the value packed into Sennheiser’s Momentum In-Ear. The stunning design, with tangle-free cables and inline controls, will get you in the door, but the sound quality will keep you in the Sennheiser house.”  – Notes Cameron Faulkner of TechRadar.

6. Zagg InvisibleShield Glass Protector: Buy Now

Zagg InvisibleShield Glass

Gorilla glass may be scratch resistant but it can get scratched under certain circumstances. So all you need is a Solid Screen protector. Made from high quality glass, Zagg InvisibleShield Glass is a premium screen protector, much needed for your iPhone 6. It is only 0.4 mm thick so that you can enjoy maximum touchscreen precision. Other than this, it has many other attributes. Like it is highly polished to give you Ultra smooth touch. It also has nano-coating which provides oil-resistance. It is very scratch resistant too.

5. Monoprice External Battery Pack: Buy Now

Monoprice External Battery Pack

The battery life of an iPhone 6 is 1810 mAh, and there is a good chance that you will run our of power juice after one day of constantly using it or so. Imagine if that happens when you’re about to make an important business call or something alike that (You’re in serious trouble, mate!). For this sole purpose, i have include this accessory in this list.

It can provide you a maximum charge of 5000 mAh, approximately 3 times of the battery life of iPhone 6. But you can also charge your other devices like iPod with it. It can charge two devices at the same time. In order to charge, keep pressing the power button for 3 seconds and it will charge whatever that is plugged in. Other than this, it is also very compact.

4. Sony QX10 Lens: Buy Now

Sony QX10 Lens - 10 Best Iphone Accessories 2015

Like Olloclip, Sony QX10 is a camera lens or module. It can be simply defined as a camera that is controlled by a smartphone. Although camera quality of iPhone is impressive – as I said earlier, but it is nothing when compared against that of QX10. It’s main features are 10x optical zoom , NFC/Wi-Fi capability for connection with a smartphone, Exmor R CMOS sensor – perfect for low-light shooting and High-quality 1080/30p HD video. It also has its own battery and Memory Card slot.

3. OtterBox Defender: Buy Now

OtterBox Defender - 10 Best Iphone Accessories 2015

Your iPhone need some good amount of care and protection – whether in home or offices. A solid-built Case is very important for your iPhone 6. That’s why we have included Otterbox’s Defender Series Case. Apart from serious reputation, OtterBox got in making iPhone Defender series, there are many cool things in it.

First, it is a 3-layered Case designed to provide you Drop Protection, Dust Protection and Screen Protection. The reason for the latter is because it features a built-in Screen Protector in order to save your iPhone’s screen from scratching. It may not be most thin or most stylish Case around but it is definitely the one that will keep your iPhone protected

2. PhotoFast i-Flash Drive HD: Buy Now

PhotoFast i-Flash Drive HD

Internal memory is not a major issue in iPhone – well, for most of us. But chances are that, at some points you will feel short of internal memory. Just in that case, this nice little thing becomes handy. As being an Apple-backed product, it can be perfect solution for memory expansion. You can transfer all of your files in PhotoFast Flash Drive and plug it after then, whenever you want.

It can also act as an easy route to transfer files between PC and your IOS device. It also supports old iPhones like iPhone 5 and iPad etc. It also has many other utilities like voice recording, contacts backup-restore,  file encryption and video streaming via Airplay, but all of these with Drop Box support. It is a bit expensive. But its price is nothing when compare to benefits it gives you. You can download its app from iTunes in order to configure it.

1. Apple TV – Best iPhone Accessory 2016 :

10 Best Iphone Accessories 2015

You can enjoy your iPhone if and when you will utilize all of its functionality. Without using Apple TV, your iPhone experience will not be that impressive. Apple TV is basically, a digital media player by Apple Inc. It is capable of building a small network and stream data on any capable TV screen. Since it has Wi-Fi, you can also connect through that, using “remote app” for iPhone,iPad and iPod etc. It has easy to use interface and require minimum effort for setup. You can also use different service like Netflix through it. You can Find More about it from Apple store.

 Final Thoughts:

So here were the 10 Best accessories 2016 – accessories which you should have, in order to maximize your iPhone experience. If you have any other cool accessory in your mind regarding iPhones, then let us know your comments. That will be much appreciated.

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