13 Best MacBook Pro & Air Accessories To Buy In 2019

13 Best MacBook Pro & Air Accessories To Buy In 2019

13 Best MacBook Pro & Air Accessories To Buy In 2015
A few months back I wrote about best iPhone Accessories to buy. Recently when I made some updates in that post, I thought about writing on MacBook accessories. And the result is here. Hope you’ll like it.

13 Best MacBook Pro & Air Accessories To Buy In 2015:


1. Twelve South-ParcSlope MacBook Laptop Stand:

Twelve South-ParcSlope MacBook Laptop Stand

We all know that working continuously on a laptop can be a tedious task. You can have back pain, neck problem and many other medical problems etc. For this issue, this accessory is surely gonna help you.

First of all, you can create a very comfortable 18-degree angle for typing and using track pad. It also elevates screen a neck-friendly level. Its cable management is very efficient – means all the things won’t be messed up. Its open wedge design also helps your Macbook to be cooler and more airflow.

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2. Apple Magic Mouse:

Apple Magic Mouse - 13 Best MacBook Pro & Air Accessories To Buy In 2015

Track pad can do most of the tricks done by mouse, agreed. But there are some tasks that can be very cumbersome when done by using track pad of your Macbook. For example, in using Photoshop you cannot have the mouse-like precision when you’re working with track pad.

For this very reason, I have included a (Wireless) mouse in this post. Talking about its specs, as I said, it’s wireless and have multi-touch capability. It is connected through Bluetooth technology to the Macbook or any other notebook. Its maximum range is 33′.

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 3. Belkin Loft MacBook/Laptop Stand:Belkin Loft MacBook/Laptop Stand

Boost your productivity a whole new level this laptop stand. It elevates your laptop to your preferred viewing angle. Plus, it also leaves space for your other accessories like wireless mouse, External Hard Drive etc. It also has open design management to improve airflow and keep your MacBook cool. Its efficient cable management ensures that your cables will remain organized.

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4. Satechi 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub:Satechi 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub - 13 Best MacBook Pro & Air Accessories To Buy In 2015

There are many good things about MacBooks. Awesome Battery life, stable OS etc. But one fatal flaw, especially in new MacBook 12″, is the shortage of USB ports.

That’s why here is  Satechi 4-port USB 3.0 Hub. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports, capable of transferring data up to 5.0 Gbps. Its unique feature is its plug-and-play nature – mans you don’t have to install any type of drivers to get it working. It is also compatible with Microsoft Surface and other Ultra books etc. As far as compatibility is concerned, it even supports Windows XP.

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5. Twelve South BookArc for MacBook Pro:

Twelve South BookArc for MacBook Pro

In a space-packed office environment, a laptop can unnecessarily occupy some valuable space. For this reason, here is Twelve South’s BookArc for MacBook pro, on which you can easily place your MacBook, when not using it.

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6. Eyefi Mobi Pro 32GB:Eyefi Mobi Pro 32GB - 13 Best MacBook Pro & Air Accessories To Buy In 2015

Eyefi Mobi Pro is a SDHC memory card with built-in WiFi (yeah, I’m not Joking!). With it, you can connect your camera to your smartphone, notebook or a tablet without any hassle.

It has many good features which include Eyefi Cloud – a web-based photo-centric service through which you can access your pics. You can also use Eyefi Mobi pro to transfer your pictures over your home network instantly.

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7. LaCie Porsche Design Drive:LaCie Porsche Design Drive

Even if worried that enormous space storage of your mac book will get short anytime soon, then here is your solution. An External Hard Drive. This particular External Hard Drive from LaCie Porsche has many good things in it.

First, its external protective case is made from 3mm thick aluminium to protect your data. It employees USB 3.0 technology to ensure that all of your important data should transfer without any waiting. It has an Eco-made, due to which this drive consumes 40% less battery when not in use. It has 1 TB storage capacity.

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8. Twelve South Plug Bug:Twelve South Plug Bug - 13 Best MacBook Pro & Air Accessories To Buy In 2015

If you have a Macbook then you can probably have an iPhone too. And if you have an iPhone too then may be you also have an iPad. All that things require different sorts of chargers, and they can form a complete mess of wires and other things.

That’s why this little nice device comes into business. Twelve South Plug Bug is a wall charger that let you charge your MacBook, iPhone and iPad all at the same time. All is done by using only one power outlet. Since it is a 2.1-Amp charger it will charge your iPad mini up to 2 times faster than your stock charger.

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9. COSMOS Keyboard Cover:

COSMOS Keyboard Cover - 13 Best MacBook Pro & Air Accessories To Buy In 2015

Keyboard cover can play a very crucial role in the protection of a keyboard of your MacBook. Since a good keyboard cover protects keyboard from spills, water and dust etc, it is a must-have accessory for your Macbook.

This COSMOS Keyboard cover is very flexible and easy to apply. It can be easily washed too, which means you can remove and apply it whenever you want.

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10. Thule Messenger Bag:

13 Best MacBook Pro & Air Accessories To Buy In 2015

If decide to go for traveling, Laptop protection can a thing that you care about. This Thule Messenger Bag is a very good laptop bag. Its compartments are crush proof and Heat-molded – means your sunglasses or mobile phone won’t be got crushed. It is also light-weight and water-resistant. For your carrying comfort, it has oversize straps with breathable, air mesh material.

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11. Megagear Screen Protector:

Megagear Screen Protector - 13 Best MacBook Pro & Air Accessories To Buy In 2015

Screen protectors are very helpful in preventing the screen from getting scratchy and dusty etc. Megagear’s Screen protector works perfect for MacBook pro 13″. Its multi-layered structure prevents glare. About its protection capabilities, I must say that even rubbing a screw driver on this Screen protector wouldn’t do any type of damage.

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12. BESTEK Laptop/Notebook Cooling Pad:

BESTEK Laptop/Notebook Cooling Pad

Although MacBooks produce very less heat, it is good to get a decent cooling Pad. The particular one I choose, is Bestek’s Laptop Cooling Pad. It can fit to any laptop up to 15″ screen size. It has many unique features.

Its adjustable stand offers you different height positions so that you can adjust your laptop to your ideal typing and viewing angle. Its 360-Degree rotatable base can turn according to your different postures. For connectivity options, it also has 2 USB ports.

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13. Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone:Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Officially recommended by Apple Inc., Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone is a good one to buy, for yourself or your love ones. It as many great specs. Its battery life is 12-hour when worked as a Wireless Headphone, and 20-hour when connected through cable. Its soft ear pads creates a flexible, custom-like built for your ears.

Its Acoustic Engine takes your music experience to a whole new level. It has Dual-mode Active Noise Cancellation feature to put world on a mute and let you enjoy your music. And its DSP is also very good at producing dynamic ranges of music.

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Final Words:

So these were some good MacBook accessories to buy, according to me. If you think any other category should be in this list. Please mention it in your comments.


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