15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016 – Smartwatches Review

By Muhammad Asfand Yar | Accessories

15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016

I’ve written about many gadgets and accessories in recent times, like Hackintosh Laptops, Macbook Backpacks and  Iphone accessories etc. But there isn’t a single post, in which I have written about wearable gadgets like Smart Watches or Smart Glasses etc.

That’s why I decided to break that hoodoo and write about 15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016. Wearable gadget industry is very new though, they are predicted to outscore smartphone industry by 2025. In short, it’s a nice time to buy a Smart Watch for yourself or for your love ones. There is not a single Smartwatch till now which you can say is ‘Perfect’. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. So here it begins:

15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016:

15. Garmin Vivoactive – Best Smartwatch for Sports:

Garmin Vivoactive - Best Smartwatch for Sports

This smartwatch got a quiet mixed critical reception. Though it was appreciated for its color display, slim design and durable battery life, things for which it was criticized was its out-dated app, unstable smartphone connectivity and unimpressive sleep tracking.

First thing to discuss its specs and design. Its battery can last 21 days and up to 10 hours even with GPS. It has an ultra thin display that is readable even in bright sunlight. Other than these, it has other basic smartwatch options like Pairing with your smartphone to vibrate and display alerts for incoming calls, texts, email plus social media notifications.

On some negative aspects, its Connect IQ store is not good enough. It also has some connectivity issues and requires rebooting. You can read its full review on Cnet.

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14. Martian Notifier:

Martian Notifier - 15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016

Martian Notifier will be hard to ignore if you want to go for a simple and entry-level Smartwatch. First we’ll discuss its design. It is a smartwatch that first looks as a Genuine Standard Timepiece and, after that, something else (a “Smartwatch”). While its looks won’t make you look like an aristocrat, it’ll definitely cast a good and decent impressions on others. And also that it is not fully water-resistant.

From Functionality point of view, first thing to indicate that it’s a smart watch is its 1.5″ OLED screen. You can use it with most of the Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads or even iPods. It can notify you about incoming calls, SMS, Emails, Caller ID, Sports and News, fitness stats and also about your Social Media Posts. One minor glitch it has, is that its Bluetooth Radio Charging requires proprietary Cable.

In short, you should buy it, if you’re looking for a good smartwatch plus fitness assistant. You can read its full review here on Cnet.com

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13. Pebble Smartwatch:

Pebble Smartwatch

As the cheaper among two smartwatches by Pebble, it has a one-on-one competition with Martian Notifier as an Entry level Smartwatch. One big advantage it has over the Martian Notifier is that it’s fully water-resistant, which is an obvious deficiency in Martian Notifier. As an icing on cake, there is Pebble Store from which you can a ton of apps to use on this Pebble Smartwatch. Like Martian Notifier, it is also compatible with most of the android and IOS devices.

It can also control the music playing, if you’re using iTunes, Spotify or Pandora. Its rechargeable battery can easily last for 5-7 days on a single charge. Another good reason to buy it, is its design. Although Martian Notifier’s Design was also a good one, Pebble Smartwatch has a sleek modern look and a little geeky touch, enough to lure almost anyone.

You can read its full review on Cnet.

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12. Samsung Gear S:

Samsung Gear S - 15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016

As a leading Smartphone brand, Samsung has been trying to find its feet in this growing Smartwatch market. Due to this, Samsung released almost half-a-dozen watches in one year or so.

Samsung Gear S is a smartwatch, about which you can say, is a complete Smartwatch, but a bit expensive one. First we’ll discuss about its design. It looks like a full-fledged traditional watch with a big curved display. The way it’s different from other watches around is that it has its own cellular service and SIM-card slot.

On its pros, it has different connectivity options like Bluetooth 4.0+, 3G, WiFi and 300 mAh battery, which is more than enough. It also a 4 GB memory plus 512 MB RAM. In short, you can use it as your phone. One issue it faces is that it’s compatible only with recent Phones plus all features work in only some of the apps. You can read its full review here on Cnet.com

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11. Sony SmartBand Talk:

Sony SmartBand Talk

Sony’s SmartBand Talk is confused being more of a fitness gadget rather than a Smartwatch. The main reason for that is its fitness band-like shape. Although it is wider than most of the fitness bands, it’s design will not tell you “yup-I-am-a-Smartwatch”. Even then, being look like fitness band will not help it. Because it lacks a heart-rate monitor.

Besides this, it has some food features. It has a progress-indicator right under the time display. Its another feature is receiving calls, but it doesn’t have its own SIM-card slot. Its microphone is so sensitive that it can pick your voice even if it’s at arm length. It has an e-ink display which makes it extremely easy to see your activity throughout the day. On top of that, its low power usage means battery life is pretty good.

You can raed  its fu8ll review at Cnet.

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10. Asus Zenwatch:

Asus ZenWatch - 15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016

Though Asus’s Zenwatch doesn’t have an x-factor, it still differentiate itself from a getting-crowded industry of Smartwatches. On its design, it’s basically simple. With curved edges on a rectangular display, it probably won’t make you feel wow. Though it has AMOLED Screen and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display, its screen looks rather pixelated. 

For its specs, it has 100+ combination watch face choices that can fit to your mood and personality, plus a heart rate monitor. But one serious issue it faces, is that it’s not for iPhone users. Even then, it is not compatible devices not having Android 4.3 or above. You can read its full review on TechRadar

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9. Samsung Gear Fit:

Samsung Gear Fit

Rather than just a simple smartwatch, it is a mashup between a Fitness Band and a Smartwatch. Though there are some others devices also that come in this list, these are more like an “all-rounder”, with having both of these attributes but not specializing in any one of them. But that is not the case with Samsung Gear Fit.

It has a big curved Super AMOLED Display with water-resistant protection. You can also do basic interactions like rejecting phone calls, reply to messages and controlling alarms. For fitness point of view, it also has heart rate monitor and pedometer. Plus a long-lasting Battery life. Whether you’re you want a entry-level smartwatch or a fitness band, you’ll love it. You can read its full review on Engadget.

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8. Pebble Steel – Best Smartwatch for Battery Life:

Pebble Steel - Best Smartwatch for Battery Life

Pebble has been in Smartwatch industry well before Android Wear and Apple Watch. And now, though there are a lot of other players too in this business, there are still a good number of reasons to buy this watch.

First, we’ll talk a little bit about its design. Unlike other Pebble smartwatches, its design can survive against the likes of LG Urbane or Apple Watch etc. It is crafted from marine-grade stainless-steel, has an e-paper display and a Corning Gorilla Glass protection.

It runs Pebble OS, which syncs with both Android and IOS devices. It has a good number of apps available, but the sad part is that you can only use up to 8 apps at a time. Besides that it works well with Spotify, iTunes etc. So that you can control all of your songs through your watch. Its battery can last up to 7 days on a single charge.

You can read its full review on Cnet.

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7. LG Watch Urbane – Best traditional-Looking Smartwatch:

LG Watch Urbane - Best traditional-Looking Smartwatch


LG Watch Urbane runs the latest version of Android Wear (SmartWatch version of Android OS). This new version has a lot of improvement over the previous one. It now lets you run apps on ambient screen. Maps will also come into this watch with the new updates. Besides this, you can also scroll through notifications by a flick of your wrist.

Design Wise, this watch is just above par, with its 1.3″ Full Circle P-OLED Display with Gorilla Glass 3 and Full Metal Body. You can also use it as a fitness band. It has a continuous heart-rate monitor and syncs with sensors and apps real time health/fitness data. Apart from that, it also has environmental biosensors such as Accelerometer, Geomagnetic Sensor, PPG Heart Rate Monitor. You can read its full review at The Verge.

Buy it if you want to taste the latest Android Wear.

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6. Samsung Gear 2:

Samsung Gear 2

The new Gear 2 is a much improved version of Original Gear. The way it’s different from other Smartwatches out there is that it runs the Samsung’s jointly-owned Tizen OS. Another different thing in this watch is its camera, which is fit into Watch rather than on the strap.

It also has a rather-squarer large AMOLED screen. Through its camera you can shoot FHD images and 720p Recording. For your fitness, it also has a Heart Rate sensor and a Pedometer. You can read its full review on TechRadar.

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5. Moto 360 – Best Budget Smartwatch:

Moto 360 - Best Budget Smartwatch

Moto 360 is an interesting watch to talk about. It could be my number 1 choice, could!

First talk about its pros. It is made from Stainless Steel, has a scratch-resistant glass plus a genuine horween leather. It has a Stylish circular design. On top of that, it also supports wireless Charging. All that in an affordable price.

But all that things couldn’t fix up a blunder that Motorola made in this watch. A poor Battery life. Only due to this, it is at the fifth Spot in this list..

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4. Microsoft Band – Best Smartwatch cum Fitness Band:

Microsoft Band - Best Smartwatch cum Fitness Band

As its name suggests it’s a fitness band cum Smartwatch. Microsoft is trying hard to keep it up with the changing technologies and this device will surely do some work.

For being a fitness band, it has automatic activity running plus bike and run mapping. On top of that, it also tracks your Heart rate, steps, calorie burn and even your Sleep quality.

On Smartwatch front, its main features is being Cross-platform. It runs on all the IOS, Android and Windows Phone. Through it, you can see email previews, calendar alerts, incoming calls and texts etc. You can read its full review on TechRadar.

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3. Sony SmartWatch 3:

Sony Smartwatch 3 - 15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016

Since Sony has been has working to introduce its own system, seeing Android Wear running on it actually surprised me. But nevertheless, it has many good things that can make you wish to buy it.

First thing, it is waterproof so that you can even take a bath with it. As it runs Android Wear, it can run tons of apps. Other than this, it has many sensors like ambient light sensors, Accelerometer, Compass and Gyro. etc. It even has a built-in GPS and a microUSB charger.

But one thing that could be improved is its average design. You can read its full review on TechRadar

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2. Apple Watch – Best Smartwatch for IOS:

Apple Watch - Best Smartwatch for IOS

Now here we have the latest gadget offered the Apple Inc. “The Apple Watch”. Though it didn’t click all the check boxes, it surely gonna be a good watch to buy.

As far as design goes, it surely is the best Smartwatch. Its casing is made from stainless steel and it has ceramic glass to protect its Heart Rate monitor which is at the back of watch. For screen, it has a retina display.

But on the software front, it has some glitches though. It has a steeper learning curve than Android Wear. Like Android Wear, voice control plays an important role for Apple’s smartwatch. Apart from this, you can also use it as a fitness band. It has a 3-axis accelerometer, a heart rate monitor plus, it can also use Phone’s GPS. But it is only compatible with IOS devices. You can read full review at Trusted Reviews.

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1. LG G Watch R:

LG G Watch R - 15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016

LG’s G Watch R is one of the Smartwatches you can buy right now. Smartwatches are no longer the “Next Best Thing”, agreed. But there is still so much scope for innovation in this niche. And this watch is a nice attempt to some loopholes in Smartwatch industry.

First, it is World’s first fully circled P-OLED display. Through its traditional-watch design, it looks more of a simple watch rather than a Smartwatch. It also has interchangeable straps.

For its specs, it runs Android Wear. You say “OK Google” to say commands. It also has a very good battery life. You can read its full review here at EnGadget.

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Final Thoughts:

With more and more smartwatches coming, this list is surely going to be updated anytime soon. Meanwhile if you have any other smartwatch, which you think is worthy of being in this list. Do Mention it in your comments.


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