10 Best Wireless Keyboards 2019

10 Best Wireless Keyboards 2019

Keyboards are more important than you think. Because it is the part you mostly keep your hands on. Today is the world of technology. Everything is getting wireless, and so are the keyboards. These are called wireless keyboards. These keyboards are connected to the computer via receivers which are inserted into your PC's USB port.

Wireless keyboards free you from more than a wire, it frees you from the old jamming slab you get bundled with your PC. Wireless keyboards are a good option for those who want to upgrade their old PC or want to satisfy their gaming ambitions.

Upgrading a keyboard may not seem an important change to you but a high­end model can make a big difference in comfort , a keyboard may not seem an important change to you but a high­end model can make a big difference in comfort , efficiency, and overall satisfaction. Wireless keyboards , especially the high-end models have some really cool features to offer like backlit keys and built-in touch pads.

The gaming keyboards are an exception which offers some features especially to enhance gaming experience like mechanical switches that provide better tactile feedback giving more of the "clickety­clack" sound and larger travel lengths. They also appeal to the gamer aesthetic, with designs that impress and intimidate with pulsing backlight, dramatic color schemes, and brutal functionality. Some new keyboards have that chiclet layout found on most laptops and ultrabooks.

There is also another category of wireless keyboards called the roll­up keyboards. These are small keyboards with rubber bases that can be rolled up when not in use. This makes them very portable. Some backlit keyboards come with customizable backlights so as to make some keys prominent and easier to find and to personalize your keyboard. All these keyboards mentioned offer a competitive edge.

There are certainly lots of keyboards to choose from if you want to buy one. We have here, worked out the list of the best wireless keyboards of 2016, to help you select the perfect one for you.

1. IOGEAR Quietus RF Desktop


IOGEAR’ s Quietus RF Desktop is , as the name suggests , quiet but only at typing not on features. This wireless keyboard comes bundled with a wireless mouse that is a plus point. The keyboard has chiclet style layout and is best for people who want to have a laptop like key-feel. The keyboard is built to last with quality construction. The chiclet style keys have smaller spaces between them which in turn increases key surface area and make typing more efficient.

The Quietus RF desktop comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver which makes sure that you can use the keyboard even at a distance of 33ft. The best thing I like about this keyboard are the 12 hotkeys it comes with. They can be used to access the browser, music player , volume management, sleep mode and lot more. Typing on Quietus RF is quiet but not as quiet as on other mice such as Microsoft designer desktop.

One downside of the keyboard is that when you click the caps lock, num lock or scroll lock key , the indicating led just blinks once. It doesn't stay on continuously due to which it becomes difficult to notice it is turned on or off. Despite this drawback, it is a good keyboard to use if you can compromise.

Moreover, the bundled wireless mouse makes the deal irresistible. For your information, the mouse bundled has 1000 dpi resolution , which makes me thinks that the keyboard is somewhat undervalued for what it offers.

2. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 900


Wireless Desktop 900 is yet another entry­level wireless keyboard from Microsoft. Microsoft has produced many wired and wireless keyboards in its history and you surely have used anyone of it in your life. The keyboard comes bundled with a wireless mouse that is welcomed. The mouse has a simple scroll wheel and two buttons. It has a universal design so it can fit in any hand. There is nothing special about the keyboard but nothing bad either.

I have used it for a while. It has all the features you would expect from a keyboard. Keys are solid and less noisy having moderate travel length.The only key I hate was the loud spacebar that couldn’t keep quiet. The media keys are awkwardly placed above the numeric pad.

I’m saying this because you have to move your fingers from the home row every time to access them. But one thing I like about the media keys is that they are programmable. By using the software that comes with the package you can assign specific functions to the keys.

This worked fantastic for me. The keyboard has a battery life of 2 years , at least this is what Microsoft says. The best selling point of this keyboard is its encryption. The keyboard protects the data you enter by encrypting your keystrokes thus protecting you from any scam.

Overall the keyboard is good, feature-­rich and solid built, plus you'll have a free mouse.

3. Microsoft Designer Bluetooth desktop


This keyboard is the best microsoft can offer to date. It is sort of luxury keyboard and comes with a luxurious mouse too. The clean and refreshing matte finish of the keyboard and mouse is what is luxurious.

In your hand you could easily mistake the keyboard for a giant chocolate bar. Mostly the tech giants pay all their attention on their flagship devices but this time microsoft decided to sprinkle some stardust on their mouse and keyboard too.

The word “Designer” in the name is for the style the combo has to offer. The built quality is up to the notch with soft touch matte finish plastic. The keyboard is elegant ,angular and compact enough to fit even on the most jumbled desks. The scissor­ switch keys are soft to touch and responsive. The space , shift and enter keys are large for easy typing.

​The chiclet style layout with large key surface area makes it an ideal typing apparatus. It supports all Bluetooth HID devices. Microsoft says that the keyboard can provide enough juice for 12 months with the mouse working for 6 months. The reason for the keyboard not sitting straight is the protruding battering battery compartment which itself works as a stand.

The plus point is the flap of battery compartment which is magnetic and snaps into its place. All these features make the keyboard an ideal choice but as always it all depends on your preference. If you are willing to pay some extra dollars for the special treatment then welcome.

4. HP Elite v2

HP-Elite-v2 Best Wireless Keyboards

Hp elite v2 is another high­end keyboard from HP that provides fantastic typing experience. It sleek, attractive and stylish. Having scissor switch keys , it feels nice to type on it. HP has paid more heed to the design of the keyboard making it ultra slim and stylistic. The keyboard is flat and slab shaped ,the design which is in vogue these days. The innovative design of the keyboard is what appeals the users.

The keyboard strives to make your finger tips happy. The keys are flat with chiclet layout. They are quiet to type and nice to touch with moderate travel length. The hot keys are preprogrammed easily accessible. The presence of battery level indicator and sleep mode helps to conserve battery. HP elite v2 is the ticket for people who are looking for keyboard which not only types well but also appeals to the eyes.

If you are one of those people who like to have a drink while using their PC than you will be delighted to know that this keyboard is splash proof. Meaning that this keyboard can handle some amount of water during an accident. Although this is not total protection but still something other competitors don't offer. To connect the keyboard to your PC you have to insert the receiver you get with the bundle into your PCs usb port.

The plus point here is that you can connect an hp mouse and other supported peripherals to the same receiver. Only one receiver for up to five devices. This is a big advantage what other keyboards don't offer.  Two AAA batteries come with the package. There is no advertised battery life but it should be enough to give 12­16 months of usage.

5. Kensington Kp400 Switchable keyboard


Kensington’s KP400 is a full size keyboard including a numeric pad and works well with a PC, Mac or a tablet. The word switchable in the name refers to a different kind of switching. It refers to switching between bluetooth or usb cable to connect the keyboard. For this reason you don’t get a receiver in the box.

The design is nice and it's pleasure to type on it. The chiclet style layout makes typing fast and quiet. The keys are large with adequate spaces. The keys are solid and the layout is spacious. The keyboard is somewhat hefty at 488 grams. The downside of the keyboard is the lack of any hotkeys or media keys.

The lack of hotkeys is a big drawback for people like me which are very used to them. Except those all keys are present. Although the KP400 can work with a tablet or a smartphone but it doesn't have a dedicated slot. If you want to tilt the keyboard upwards than you can use the tiny feet on the rear side.

To toggle between your tablet and PC you have to use the designated usb­-to­-bluetooth key. It's easy to use and responsive.

To connect your device with the device you have to go through the pairing procedure every time but that's not a problem. The advertised battery life of the keyboard is 6 months that is quite small as compared to other competitors.

6. Gyration 100’ wireless keyboard

Gyration-100’-wireless-keyboard Best Wireless Keyboards

Gyration 100 wireless is a compact wireless keyboard and is considered to be something of a classic. Due to the arc­shaped design of this keyboard, your hands are in neutral position and every key is easily accessible. Ergonomic styling further improves typing speed. The keyboard is designed to work with Windows and OS X. The keyboard houses 88 sculpted keys which provide tactile feedback and are responsive.

The keys are nicely arranged with concave surfaces so that you can easily press them. The individual keys are coupled with silicone dome switches which is sort of old­fashioned now. There is a complete range of hotkeys and media keys available on the keyboard that is preprogrammed to launch from media player, web browser to sleep mode and many other functions.

The only drawback here is the lack of a dedicated numeric pad. It may not be abid problem for many but for me it is. The build quality is very good and the keyboard will last a long time with you unless you don't subject it to any mistreatment. The keyboard uses a 2.4 Ghz receiver to connect to your PC. The best part here is that you can type easily even at a distance of 100 ft (30 m).

The keyboard uses four AAA batteries. Gyration hasn't advertised any battery life for their keyboard but four batteries should be enough to provide 12 months of battery life.

7. Logitech Illuminated K800

Logitech-Illuminated-K800 Best Wireless Keyboards

Logitech Illuminated K800 is a full size keyboard and is the updated version of original K800. The new version boasts the backlit keys which is the main selling point for this keyboard.

The design is ergonomic with a slope on which the keys have been placed. This slope mirrors your hands natural slope preventing strain injuries. The keyboard has matte finish and slim profile. But this slimness brings unwanted flexibility to the keyboard that lessens durability. Overall the design is great.

The keys boast scissor switches coupled with Logitech’s Perfectstroke key system which insures that every key has same tactile feedback and quietness. The keyboard hosts all necessary keys including the hotkeys and media keys. The backlight of the keyboard is convenient for people working in low­light conditions. The brightness of backlight can be controlled by the press of a button.

Moreover the board has a sensor that detects users hands and turns the keyboard into sleep mode when not in use. The keyboard is connected to your PC with Logitech’s unifying receiver that can connect six input devices simultaneously.

The Logitech K800 runs NiMH batteries that come pre installed. These batteries can be recharged by connecting the board to a PC via a usb cable . On a single charge the board can lasts for about ten days. That is a good output because the batteries are rechargeable.

8. IOGEAR GKM561R Multimedia Keyboard


GKM561R is a compact keyboard from IOGEAR and is ideal for using with HTPC setups or MCE applications. The keyboard features ergonomic and compact design. This design allows you to type from any angle with comfort. There are rubber grips on both sides of the board with make it slip resistant The glossy top and bottom areas blend nicely with the matte finish sides.

The built quality is up to the notch. The plastic frame is very hard and durable. All the necessary keys are present except for a separate numeric pad. The hot keys are placed the top glossy area where they are easy to find. The keys are with concave surfaces for easy typing and are adequately spaced.

In addition to its innovative design the keyboard also features a built in laser trackball coupled with dedicated mouse buttons and a scroll wheel. These are nicely placed and come in handy.

The trackball comes with three resolutions, 1200 dpi, 800 dpi and 400 dpi. The receiver you get with the keyboard ensures that that the keyboard is working fine even at 33ft from it unless something is present between the board and receiver.

The keyboard is a plug­and­play device and doesn't require any setup. It comes with two AAA batteries which are enough to power it for 12 months.

9. Rii i8+ Wireless 2.4G mini keyboard


Rii i8+ is the upgraded version of original i8. i8+ is a mini keyboard which is designed to work with any PC, Mac or HTPCs. At 1.6 ounces, it is on of the lightest keyboards you are going to find. It comes in many colours including blue, green, yellow, red and standard black. i8+ is small and cute. The board boasts a beautiful ergonomic design making typing easy and convenient.

There are rubberized areas on sides where you put your fingers preventing slipping of the board. The 92 multifunction backlit keys are in easy reach of your fingertips and with ample travel length.

Mostly mini keyboards have soft keys and little or no sound but i8+’s keys produce enough clickety clack so that you don't have to check if you pressed the key or not. Mini keyboards usually don't offer backlit keys but this one does and it is a welcomed surprise.

The presence of a multitouch trackpad is a no­nonsense feature. The trackpad uses single tap for left click and two finger tap for right click. As trackpad is small and not too responsive I'd prefer to use the dedicated mouse buttons. The media key also work fine.

When you connect the receiver to your machine, it requires a small setup after that , it's ready to rock. The i8+ has a built in battery which recharges via a provides mini usb cable

10. SMK­Link VP6630

SMK­Link-VP6630 Best Wireless Keyboards

VP6630 is an all­purpose universal keyboard from SMK­Link. It is best for people who want laptop like typing experience. Its sleek and stylish profile appeals the eyes and also increases portability. The build is solid and reliable without any clumsiness. The sloped edges of the key board enhance its design.

The keyboard oozes style with matte finish top. The large scissor switch keys offer effortless silent typing without any strain on your hands. Your hands rest nicely on the smooth keys. It is a full size keyboard with all necessary keys on it. The hot keys and media keys are there for quick access. The keys are large with mediocre travel distance and spaces.

The scissor switches insure tactile feedback and response. At less than ten ounce the board is neither heavy. It is a bluetooth keyboard and works with all bluetooth HID compatible devices like Mac, PCs or tablets. It works well over 30 ft range without any line­of­site obstacles. It uses two included AA batteries to power it up. It can provide enough power for 8­12 months of usage.

If the keyboard sits idle for 30 minutes then it automatically goes into sleep mode to conserve power. There is also a battery level indicator which flashes at low battery level

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