Best Wireless Mouse 2019

Best Wireless Mouse 2019

Before starting this post about Best Wireless mouse 2019, here is something you must know – in case you don’t already know it.

Wireless mice are very different than typical wired mice. Instead of a wire, they feature Bluetooth technology – or WiFi in some cases — to communicate with your computer wirelessly. Wireless mice have may advantages and disadvantages over their wired siblings.


  • They don’t occupy your desk space.
  • Mobility – Since they are wireless, you can move them anywhere you want.
  • Compatibility – Apart from your PC/Mac, these wireless mice are also compatible to other devices such as smartphones etc.
  • Distance – Wireless mice offer more distance than any of their wired counterparts.


  • Price – Yes, they are expensive than wired mice.
  • Battery – With wireless mice, you may have to worry about the battery.
  • Every wireless mouse is not great at Gaming. That’s why we’ve mentioned which are.

So now, as you’ve known major limitations and plus points of wireless mice, let’s start this review.

Best Wireless mouse 2019

6. Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse – Best Affordable Option – Buy Now


Want to have a new wireless mouse (or replace you existing one) but short on Budget? No Problem. For you, there is Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse. It won’t do wonders for you, granted, but still it is a very attractive option especially for a small-handed person — like me.

Did you read its full name? It included the word ‘Comfort’.

Yes, this is what this mouse is all about.

It features a pretty curvy shape, with its left side, squeezed to accommodate your thumb. For easy navigation on any surface, Microsoft sculpt is made from hard plastic from down, that has a power switch and a sync button. That hard plastic is very different to what you get on its top side – smooth, glossy surface with curved corners. It’s one unique feature is its blue-colored Windows key, which is easily accessible from the thumb.

Performance wise, Microsoft sculpt is, although not ground-breaking but still, pretty good. It works on apparently all the surface except the mirror ones. One thing you must note that this mouse uses a Bluetooth connection, so it will on;y work if you have a Bluetooth-enabled laptop. If that’s not the case, you would have to buy a separate Bluetooth Dongle or something like that.

One good thing about it is that it’s is tailor-made for all the Windows 8 gestures. Although we have a new version in the form of Windows 10 now, many of these gestures will work in it too. Its 4-way scrolling is also very handy where you can scroll in up, down, left and right directions. Due to its small size, it is very good for traveling and for small hands too. It also supports most of the Android tablets. Overall, it is a premium-feel, comfortable and less-expensive option. Its list price is $40.

5. SteelSeries Sensei Wireless – Expensive but Worth it – Buy Now


If Sculpt comfort from Microsoft is the most affordable option then Sensei Wireless of SteelSeries is the most expensive one. However, it still, dare I say, worth every penny it requires from you. If you’ve noticed from above picture, it consists of two parts: a base which serves the dual purpose of a charger and wireless transceiver + the mouse itself. Therefore, it is a 2-in-1 mouse which means that you can use it in two modes: Wired and Wireless.


Sensei Wireless features a pretty simple design. A left and right buttons on either side of a scroll button that can be clicked. Just behind this scroll button, we have a DPI-switcher – you can change up to 8200 dpi — and two side buttons on each side. These are programmable buttons that do pre-assigned tasks – Page Up/Down buttons on right side whereas Forward/Backward Buttons on the left side.


For customization, you will get SteelSeries Engine 3. It is a software through which you can tweak its sensitivity and illumination. You can also assign macro commands to 4 combined programmable buttons. SteelSeries Engine 3 is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.


This mouse features acceleration. It means that anticipate your movements and require little physical movement for your hands — in order to move. You may not like it if you want pin-point accuracy.   In that case, you can disable this acceleration. However, you can even increase that to 2 to 3 times more if you like it, through SteelSeries Engine 3. It features another built-in Battery save feature, which basically puts this mouse in a sleep mode, after a few minutes of inactivity.

As I said, this mouse works in two modes: Wired and Wireless. By default, its USB-to-Mini-USB cable plugs into its base station — for charging. However if you want to work in wired mode, all you have to do is plug that cable directly into this mouse. Meanwhile, you can charge its base while using the mouse in wired mode. Its base is illuminated which tells you a different status of battery – low, full, empty etc. It’s estimated battery life is 18 hours approx. After this, it takes almost 3.5 hours to charge fully.

4. Apple Magic Trackpad – Best for Mac – Buy Now

Apple Magic Trackpad

Well, this is not a mouse. It is actually better than that.

Apple Magic Trackpad is basically a Trackpad, bigger than the one found in MacBook Pro, that features multi-touch option. One big advantage it gives you is that being a Trackpad, it is stationary and takes very little desk space. For the first time, you may confuse it with a white-washed floppy drive. It is slightly elevated from the front side, like Apple Keyboard. Simply put, it features a clean and minimalist design.

Connectivity and Software

Although Apple Claims that it is only compatible with Mac, you can connect it to your Windows PC. But keep in mind one thing, that when you’re using it with Windows OS, you can only use click functions and other basic functions.

What about Mac? Well, we’ll talk on that later.

It connects through Bluetooth technology with a Mac — or Windows PC, standard batteries come along with it. You just have to put in a cylindrical compartment on the top edge. According to Apple, its range is 33 feet. For customization, you will need a Magic Trackpad software installed. Here you can do different tweaks and tricks such as changing scroll speed and other multi-touch settings.


When I said that it is best for Mac users, I said it for a reason. It enables multi-touch features such as Pinch-to-Zoom, 2-finger Rotation, 3-finger Swipe and even a 4-finger swipe + 2-finger scrolling. These features are the ones, that fully utilizes the capability of your OS X and, no other mouse offers.

In short, if you’re a Mac user and want to explore what and how many multi-touch-based gestures your OS X can do, then you must buy it. Windows Users will not like it because on Windows PCs, neither it performs up to its full potential, nor Windows OS permits it.

There is a new version of this device called Magic TrackPad 2, but we didn’t include it for 2 reasons: it requires both the Latest Mac OS X El Capitan and Bluetooth 4.0 in order to work.

According to Scott Stein of Cnet: “Apple’s Magic Trackpad offers all the functionality of a MacBook clickpad in a standalone Bluetooth device.”

3. Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition – For Large Hands – Buy Now


If you’ve read what I said about Microsoft Sculpt Comfort than you may know that it is far less helpful for people with large hands. In case you belong that category, you will like another rodent from Redmond Giant — called Arc Touch Mouse. It design is not like typical mice, it resembles more to a Cobra’ fang rather than a mouse. It is the iteration of the Original Arc Touch. One advantage it has over its predecessor is that it requires Bluetooth connection rather than a USB dongle for connection. This can be crucial in an environment where you have a small number of USB ports.


First thing, about its features, is that it’s a “curved mouse” (Yes, there isn’t only your Android which as curved screen). At first, it’ll be in flattening form and powered off.To power it on, all you have to do is to push its lower part downward, it’ll cause it middle part to form an “Arc” — now you may realize why it is named ‘Arc’. To switch it off, do the reverse process. Microsoft’ BlueTrack technology enables it to work with all types of surfaces except transparent ones.

It has pretty straight forward left and right buttons. Between these buttons, you’ll find a touch-sensitive strip. You can swipe up/down in order to scroll. Its texture replicate the feel and a typical mouse’ scrolling — and you’ll get scrolling sound too. One downside it has been that its strip doesn’t support horizontal scrolling. There is only one button on it and that is the Bluetooth button. Hold on that button to get you device connected. It consumes 2 AA batteries in back-side batteries compartment.


A free app, called Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse, is available for free from Windows Store (only compatible with Windows 8.1+). Through this app, you can add hyper-scrolling, page up/down and adjust touch-strip’ feedback.

 The mere fact — that it can be flattened out — makes it very compact and portable. That’s why I would recommend it to everyone who want a compact-yet-full-size mouse, especially for Windows OS.

2. Razer Naga Epic Chroma – Best Wireless Mouse for Gaming – Buy Now


Sensei Wireless, which we reviewed earlier, was an expensive but pretty good mouse for gaming. Although Razer Naga Epic Chroma is not that cheap either, it is the best wireless mouse you can get for gaming. In our testing, we found it particularly good for MMO games (the games which support a massive number of players simultaneously).


Its design is borrowed from the original Naga wired model. Simply put, it has a very large mouse with a left and right button on either side and a Nokia 3300-style keypad. This keypad has 12 big buttons, easily accessible by your thumb. Other than these, it as some other buttons such as 2 central buttons and a scroll wheel that clicks 3 ways – more on that later.


Just like other Razer mice, Naga Epic uses Razer’s proprietary Synapse 2.0 software. Using this software, you can program each and every key of your mouse. Other types of customization you can do is adjusting color options and brightness. Since it is a Chroma mouse too, you even select different colors for scroll wheel and buttons. Synapse 2.0 also has a cloud support to save your data and profile.\


Like Sensei Wireless, it also works in Wired and Wireless mode. Its dock also acts as a wireless receiver. It can work up to 20 hours on a single charge. Its main advantages are its keys. The mere fact that it has a total number of 19 buttons can make pro-gamers drool. In both wired and wireless mode, it has a response time of less than 1ms. This good response time makes it a perfect choice for gamers. From Amazon it is available in 4 different options: Standard, Left handed, Epic and Epic Chroma.

1. Logitech MX Master – A feature-rich Option – Buy Now


Logitech Mater MX is the latest mouse from its category. And it has come with a shit ton of goodies but before all of that, we’ll discuss its aesthetics.


Its design id a bit different from an ordinary mouse. It got a bit of plastic on its back to have a curved and raised back design. A piece of this mouse is extended from the left side to give you a thumb-rest place. Metallic gold and matte are the only color options used in this rodent. Due to all these things, this mouse can easily make your average keyboard alongside it, less appealing.

This mouse is a bit larger than heavier than other mice. But that doesn’t mean it’s uncomfortable by any means. In fact, it’s better to have a large mouse because smaller mouse may force you to employ a claw-like grip. Large mice, on the other hand, give you the freedom to have your natural hand position.


On its top side, there are usual left, right buttons, and the scroll wheels. Just behind that wheel, there’s a small square-shaped button called “Manual-shift”.

Its left side is even more weird (but nor absurd). The first thing you’ll notice is its thumb wheel alongside two angular arrow-shaped buttons. Underneath its back, Master MX has a power switch, connect button and Darkfield sensor and a circular button with labels such as Number 1, 2 and 3.

This mouse can be paired with 3 devices and that circular button is called “Easy-Switch control”. Using this button, you can swap between all of your connected devices with just a single push. Since it’s on the bottom side it’ll be inconvenient to for some of us to turn it over after every half an hour or so.  There is a Micro USB port too, on the front of its back, for charging purposes.

Setup and Software

Setting up the connection is not a breeze but it’s not complex either. But let’ face it you can’t blame this mouse for that because it manages 3 connections instead of only 1. You can connect either via Bluetooth or unifying receiver. To have its all functions properly working, you’ll ned to install Logitech options which are compatible with all Windows &+ and OS X 10+ versions. It has a fair range at a distance of 10 meters.


First of its all features is its scroll-wheel. It’s not any usual scroll-wheel, it’s speed-adaptive which means you can scroll up and scroll at 2 totally different speeds. It has 2 modes: Click-to-Click and Hyperfast. Click-to-Click is the regular mode. It’s what used in normal mice. It’s slow that Hyperfast but very precise. Hyperfast mode is to scroll down quickly. It usual when you have long Wikipedia and terms/conditions pages. It allows scroll wheel to move freely.Another handy feature of it is Thumb scroll, which enables you to scroll sideways. With this features, you can easily view wide web pages.

Master MX has a fair amount of battery life. One full charge can carry along you around 40 days with about 6 hours of fair usage per day. It can have DPI as much as 1600, which is pretty good for a non-gaming mouse.

Expert’s Opinion

If you don’t mind spending $100 on a mouse, then yes. It’s the best mouse I’ve ever used, hands down — Gizmodo

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