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Dec 11

Best Android Phone 2016

By Muhammad Asfand Yar | Gadgets , Smartphones

Android Wear, Android Smartphones + Tablets and Android SmartTVs etc. Now we are going into 2016 and there are a very few devices left that don’t run Android OS. Android is everywhere, literally. It has been running on your cameras, Smartwatches, Cars and even on Home Automation Systems. Not to forget about those for which […]

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15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016
May 09

15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016 – Smartwatches Review

By Muhammad Asfand Yar | Accessories , Android , Gadgets , iPhone , Smartphones , Windows

I’ve written about many gadgets and accessories in recent times, like Hackintosh Laptops, Macbook Backpacks and  Iphone accessories etc. But there isn’t a single post, in which I have written about wearable gadgets like Smart Watches or Smart Glasses etc. That’s why I decided to break that hoodoo and write about 15 Best Smart Watches […]

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