23 Unknown Facts About Google

23 Unknown Facts About Google

23 Unknown Facts about Google

I’ve published two posts related to “facts”, but both of these were for Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece respectively. So for now, I have decided to write fact-post about things/personalities that are not as ancient. For this, I am writing about 23 Unknown Facts About Google. So here it is:

23 Unknown Facts About Google


Google doesn’t emphasis that much on GPAs and Test Scores. According to Google, GPA is “Worthless as criteria For Hiring”. In fact, Google have many teams in which only 14% of Employees have gone for a college.


For ranking pages for a particular Keyword, Google determine that page’s relevancy to your query by accounting 200 different factors. Each of this factor is further dependent on 50 smaller signals. All of that is done in a fraction of a second.


Original name for Google Search Engine was “Back Rub”. Because it used Backlinks to rank a page – that was a new concept way back in late 1990s.


If you think you can buy a domain for misspelled version of Google then you’re at the wrong end. Because Google owns a large number of Domains that are a misspelled version of Google. Like Gooogle.com, Gogle.com and Googlr.com etc. Google even owns a site 466453.com because as you may have noticed, 466453 = GOOGLE if you write it on a 3×4 QWERTY Keyboard.


At first, Google’s Home page was a basic HTML page and no added features. The reason? Simple! Google Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin don’t know the HTML except the basic level ,then.


About its projects, Google is pretty moody. Some of its project are for the masses – million of peoples around the World. But then, as we see some of its features are only there for a few number of Peoples e.g. In 2012, when Google introduced the Cherokee language in Gmail.


When the Street View feature of Maps was first started in , it only featured for 5 US cities with 5 Megapixel Shots. Whereas now in 2015, this feature is available in all parts around the world with 75 Megapixel shots.


Total count, for all persons in World who watch videos on Youtube.com in a month, is more than 6 Billion Hours. So average will be 1 hour each for every person in this Planet.


Talking about Youtube.com, I should mention that every minute, videos of more than 300 hours length are uploaded.


Google has 70 offices in more than 40 countries, with more than 53600 Employees working.


Google often buys a corporation, that seems attractive to it. For Example YouTube Inc., Android Inc etc. Until now, it has more than 170 Acquisitions. The top ten acquisitions combine to make more than $24.5 Billion.


Despite of having started mega projects like Self-driving cars and Google Glasses, and having sold Billions of Android devices, a larges of Google’s revenue still comes in form of advertising. In 2014, 89% of its revenue gathered through advertising.


People rely on Google, but how much. That question got its answer in 2013, when Google’s all services went down of 5 minutes though, causes the Global Internet traffic to reduce by 40%.


Google’s search index has the storage capacity of more than 100 million gigabytes. Even if you have a modern hard Drive of one terabyte size. It would take 100,000 of that such drives to contain the same amount of data.


In 1999, Google’s founders wanted to sell it. So they offered it to Excite for just $1 million. But Excite turned it down (what an opportunity missed!).


First Google doodle made, was dedicated to the Burning Man festival in Nevada. Because Sergey Brin and Larry Page wanted peoples to know where the Google Crew will be, for the next few days.


Whenever a Google Employee dies, his/her husband/spouse get half pay for whole ten years. Plus his /her children get $1000 per month until the age of 19.


Even though we search a lot of our queries on Google daily. Every day 16% of total queries are the ones that are never typed on Google.


The iconic “I’m Feeling Lucky” button is actually not so beneficial for Google. Because every year Google $110 Millions – since, that button bypasses all the ads.


Although average Employees of Google are called Googlers, the new employees are called as Nooglers.


A big Turning point in Favor of Google was their introduction of Spell checker named as “Did you mean …”. This increased their traffic almost 2 times.


Name ‘Google’ was an accidental name .Because spelling mistake made by the original founders caused the “Googol” ( A mathematical term) to “Google”. But after that mistake they stuck with Google.


In Google Inc. employees are often encouraged to use 20% of their time working on their own projects. Gmail, Google News are examples of such projects that were very started by Employees rather than Google itself.

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