25 Most Interesting Facts About Michael Jordan

25 Most Interesting Facts About Michael Jordan

25 Most Intersting Facts About Michael JordanMichael Jordan is a retired NBA player and according to many, the Best NBA Player of All time. Although a lot is known about the life of this legend. I (here), tried to disclose some hidden aspects of his life and ended up writing a post on 25 Most Interesting Facts About Michael Jordan. I hope you will like it. So here we begin:

Facts# 1-5:

Michael Jordan and his father


In his high school days, MJ’s idol was Magic Johnson. He had so much was affection towards his personality that his fellows used to call him Magic Jordan. He even had Magic Jordan printed on the license plate of his first car. But when he first came into NBA, he had some fallout with Johnson. So in his third year, when Magic Johnson invited MJ to play in his summer charity game, both sorted out their little differences and began good friendship.


His all-time favorite comedy show is “Sanford and Son”.


When he was 15, her mom got him a Summer job where he had to do things like cleaning pool etc. He soon quit that against her mom’s wishes. In ninth grade, he was suspended from school three times, first for leaving school grounds, second for cursing at a teacher, then last time for knocking a fellow out.


Very few among us know that Michael Jordan has Aqua phobia (Fear of Water). In his childhood, he was with his friend when that friend drowned into ocean. Since then, water scares him off.


Before having a breakout year in Senior Basketball, He was advised by his father James Jordan, to be a mechanic. According to his father, “if you can work with your hands, you’ll always have a good job”. But as we see, Destiny has some other ideas.

Facts# 6-10:

Michael Jordan in Number 12 Jersey - 25 Most Intersting Facts About Michael Jordan


His stats were not so good when he first started in Five Stars, but in first season he was a standout player. In only his second week he managed to compete with guys like Chris Mullin and Pat Ewing.


MJ choose UNC as a challenge. Under guidance from Late Dean Smith, he went on to score 5 rebounds and 17 points per game, during his 3-year stay at Chapel hill.


Although MJ always had talent and competitiveness like no one else, even he had a turning point in his career. Just in his third match of NBA, he score 37 points and 5 assists against Milwaukee Bucks, and brought Chicago Bulls right back into the game.


On Valentine day in 1990, when Chicago Bulls were on course of playing against Orlando Magic, his number 23 jersey was stolen. Then he had to wear a number 12 jersey. Even that incident couldn’t stop MJ to score 49 points in that game, albeit in a loss.


He had exactly same diet before every game and that diet is not a super-powerful one. It included a 23-Ounce steak, a Baked potato with Ginger ale.

Facts# 11-15:

Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr - 25 Most Intersting Facts About Michael Jordan


MJ and Nike both were a little hesitant in their first deal. Like MJ was more interested in Adidas or Converse, Nike was wondering if an “Individual” can be drawn out from a player of Team sport. The first deal between them was a five-year contract.

There were many clauses in that list such as MJ should at least have avg. score of 20 points-per-game, make his place in All-star team in First Three years and other things like that. On other hand, these clauses will be void, if Jordan sold more than $ 3 million by the end of 3rd year.

As we saw, that deal went good for both parties.


Michael Jordan didn’t really like his first shoes, the Air Jordan 1. But he viewpoint was soon changed when he realized that other players got distracted by them (even for a split second, though).


Tinker Hatfield got the design task for AJ III because Peter Moore, chief designer of AJ I and AJ II, left Nike. Met only two times before that, MJ and Tinker discussed the design of AJ III.

According to Tinker, it was Jordan’s idea that AJ III should be lighter but more stable than a low-top. The result of this input was the production of the shoes, that are quite popular, even now.


Once MJ was on a business trip in Nebraska, where he met Billionaire Warren Buffett in one of his boats. There he asked Warren to give him some advice on making big money decisions. That was his answer to young MJ “Whatever my gut tells me, that’s what I do.”


There are many stories of MJ, fighting with teammates in training sessions. One time he got into an argument with Steve Kerr and punched him on face. Kerr, now admits that he has no idea what was the discussion (as it was 20 years ago). But later, that matter resolves and they became closed friends.

Facts# 16-20:

Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr - 25 Most Intersting Facts About Michael Jordan


Even though a billionaire now, MJ was never that rich before 1997. He got two big deals worth 30 millions and $ 33 millions in 1997 and 1998 respectively, but before that he never earned more than $ 4 millions in a season.


Once Tex Winter assistant coach of bulls told:

I think Michael’s a great, great player. But I’m not an idolater.

It is reported that Winter and MJ had a prolonged argument over what constitutes a good basketball. In which,

Tex said: There’s no ‘I’ in word Team”.

“There is, in the word Win”, was the response.


As he started playing golf, even there he maintained his charm and charisma. His golf bag includes six NBA championships, a Jumpman logo and Jordan 14 shoe.


Michael Jordan officially became a billionaire, when he increased his shares in Charlotte Hornets from 80 to 89.5 percent. Due to this, his net worth shoot up from $ 750 million to a cool $ 1 billion.


Michael Jordan’s best friend is a Limousine driver. In 1984, when Michael landed on Chicago O’Hare airport for the first time, Chicago Bulls forgot to send anybody to airport, in order to pick him up. A driver George Koehler saw all that and offered him help.

Initially George thought that he is Larry Jordan (MJ’s elder brother), but soon that confusion was resolved. George only charged $ 25 from him. And offered a trip to city in order to find him a beer. That’s how this bond of friendship began, and 30 years later they are still best friends.

Facts# 21-25:

Michael Jordan in Looney Toons - 25 Most Intersting Facts About Michael Jordan


On 11 August 2003, a ceremony took place prior to a match between Miami Heat and Washington Wizards.  In that ceremony Miami Heat president Pat Riley announced that they are going to retire MJ’s number 23 jersey for ever, by saying:

No one will ever wear number 23 for the Miami Heat. You’re the best.

In fact it was the first jersey to retire from Miami Heat. Riley had coached many times against Jordan, when he was playing for Chicago Bulls.


For his first year with Washington Wizards, he was paid $ 1 million. All of which he donated to victims of tragic 9/11 accident. At that point he said:

It’s my way of giving back and hopefully aiding those in need during a terrible time.


His father was Brutally Murdered while sleeping. That incident led to his early retirement in 1993.


Starting in 1990, Michael Jordan had an unprecedented record of not having 3-game losing streak. That span includes a total of 626 games out of which, 500 games are of regular season and 126 are playoff games.


In movie Space Jam, he tells Looney Tunes that he wears his University of North Carolina shorts, under his Chicago Bulls jersey, as a Lucky Charm. It is indeed true!

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