Learn A Second Language: 15 Reasons Why

By Muhammad Asfand Yar | Entertainment

Learn Second Language: 15 Reason why

In recent times I have written about a diverse range of topics. From Best programming Languages to Michael Jordan Facts and From Largest Empire in History to Windows 10 Wallpapers. So now I decided to write a little bit about a generic topic.

Have you ever thought of Learning a second language? well, that’s the idea that sometimes fascinate us (At least me!). So Here are the 15 Reasons Why You Should Learn A Second language – in case you have never thought about it.

Reasons (1-3):Bilingual-person - Learn Second Language: 15 Reasons Why

  • Learning a second language can reduce your chances of getting dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. Earlier there were studies suggesting that bilingualism can enhance mental abilities among both Children and adults. Other study shows that learning a language can improve your memory and slow age-related decline in mental acuity. Learning a second language can improve your creativity as you will be able to see this from a different angle.
  • As this world is rapidly changing into a global village, the need to learn a second language is more than ever. Having learned a second  language will make your more competent than your competitor and you will be able to deal with your non-native customers effectively.
  • Knowing a foreign language other than English will definitely improve your chances of being employed. A person who speaks only one language can communicate only with persons who speak that same language. Other the other hand, A person who knows other language can communicate with other speakers of that language as well. And that thing comes into business when you’re applying for a new job.

Reasons (4-6):

Creativity - Learn Second Language: 15 Reasons Why

  • It has been proven in researches that a person who knows more than one language can understand his native language even better. Foreign language learner also develop a strong vocabulary in English.
  • As learning a new language require you to learn various different skills, this can help you in increasing your mind’s capabilities. People who have learned a second language ave more creativity, mental flexibility, higher reasoning ability and conceptualization.
  • Learning new languages makes our attitude positive towards other people. When you study new language, you broke many stereotypes in our minds against those people.

Reasons (7-9):


  • A second language will help you to understand its art, music and literature better. You will no longer have to depend on subtitles or dubbed version to watch an awesome foreign language movie. Besides this, you can also read some masterpieces of literature that are not part of English language.
  • It has been proven in researches that a person who knows more than one language can understand his native language even better. Foreign language learner also develop a strong vocabulary in English.
  • If you want to study in abroad and that country is non-English, your chances of getting the admission will definitely increase if you already know native language of that country.

Reasons (10-12):

Study Abroad - Learn Second language : 15 Reasons Why

  • A person feel more multicultural and enjoys his life more if he knows more than one language.
  • In a way, learning a new language makes us liberal. It broke all that barriers that cause distrust and fear.
  • The most simple and important purpose of learning a new language is to get educated. To get educated so that we can get rid of darkness and narrow-mindedness among ourselves.

Reasons (13-15):

Culture - Learn Second language: 15 Reasons Why

  • Study of foreign language can create lingual diversity, which in turn is very good for global harmony.
  • When you will study a new language you will meet new persons, expand your friend circle and make new friends. This new friendship will surely last longer.
  • If you study a new language and its cultural, you in turn take steps to make understanding of your own culture and language even better.

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