Best In Ear Headphones 2017

By Muhammad Asfand Yar | Audio , Reviews

Earbuds/In-Ear headphones/IEMs are on the lower scale among headphones — at least in terms of size.Unlike over ear headphones, which wrap around your ears and on-ears which, as their name suggest, sit ON your ears, Earbuds simply rest outside of your ear canal.Best Earbuds 2017 Quick Comparison​ RatingEarphones/EarbudsOur RatingPrice1Sennheiser Momentum In-Ear CHECK PRICES 2Shure SE425 CHECK PRICES […]

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10 Best Wireless Keyboards 2017

By Muhammad Asfand Yar | Hardware

Keyboards are more important than you think. Because it is the part you mostly keep your hands on. Today is the world of technology. Everything is getting wireless, and so are the keyboards. These are called wireless keyboards. These keyboards are connected to the computer via receivers which are inserted into your PC’s USB port. […]

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