15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016

15 Best Smart Watches To Buy In 2016 – Smartwatches Review

By Muhammad Asfand Yar | Accessories , Android , Gadgets , iPhone , Smartphones , Windows

I’ve written about many gadgets and accessories in recent times, like Hackintosh Laptops, Macbook Backpacks and  Iphone accessories etc. But there isn’t a single post, in which I have written about wearable gadgets like Smart Watches or Smart Glasses etc. That’s why I decided to break that hoodoo and write about 15 Best Smart Watches […]

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23 Unknown Facts about Google

23 Unknown Facts About Google

By Muhammad Asfand Yar | Entertainment

I’ve published two posts related to “facts”, but both of these were for Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece respectively. So for now, I have decided to write fact-post about things/personalities that are not as ancient. For this, I am writing about 23 Unknown Facts About Google. So here it is: 23 Unknown Facts About Google #1 […]

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