Scholarship Program

Due to some undisclosed reasons, this scholarship is no longer available. We are sorry for any inconvenience you may have.


Note: This Scholarship is no longer available.

We, List Enthusiast team, highly values education and ready to offer help to those students who’re brilliant, top-class but unfortunately, not so wealthy. Since education is not cheap,  a person, apart from being intelligent enough, must have financial resources to meet his/her study needs.

Doing a part-time job can help it..but a duty on top of your college time, homework and assignments can naturally make you frustrated. Also, as a person who once took a part-time job himself, I know that it can seriously make your attention divert from your studies. So what you gonna need is a scholarship, to make your burdens a little lighter.

Lst year, List Enthusiast team had decided to offer $1500 scholarship to needy students every year through our “Enthusiast Scholarship” Program.


Whether you’re a high School student, college freshman, a post-grad you can apply. All you need is to be currently enrolled in an educational institute.


Well, this part is basically simple. What you need to do is to send us a 1000+ Words article ( the topic is described in later paragraphs). Core requirements for that article are that it should be grammatically error-free, unique and unpublished elsewhere on the internet. The article should be in a .doc file. Then you’ll send us an Email and attach that .doc file to it. In addition, you’ll also provide below-listed information.

  • Your Personal Details (Full name, Phone# and Email ID).
  • Name of the High School/College/University you’re currently enrolled.
  • Your City, State, and Country.


Since we write about different types of topics on List Enthusiast, you can literally send us an article about any technology, gadget or even something informative-yet-interesting. It can be in the form of a list like the rest of articles on this site e.g. “Best Earbuds for 2018“, but that’s not compulsory. You don’t need to bang out 3500+ words posts like you see on this site such as best wifi routers 2018 or best bluetooth headsets 2018 review. Anything beyond 1000 words would be enough.

One more thing I wanna tell you is that you don’t need to be an expert in writing. Your passion will surely do the trick.


The deadline is October 31st, 2017 and the winner will be selected after 5 weeks — on December 15th, 2017.


Since I am the one who is in charge of this scholarship I want each and every email sent by you guys. That’s why you can either mail me at my personal email address You can also send your mail at our official email address . Any one of those will get the job done. Last year, I received many emails from students asking me how can they prove that they’re students. To make it simple we’ve decided that we would ONLY consider your essay if it’s sent to us through your Institute-issued email address (e.g.


After the end date of 31st October 2017, we will shortlist 5 Best articles among all that have been sent to us. In case there is more than one article on a certain topic (which would be a surprise considering we have not put any limits on the type/topic of the article), we’ll choose the best one.

We’ll publish all those 5 articles one after other on our site and social media pages — after every week. The one that is most loved/shared by our audience will be declared the winner. We’ll formally write an article about how we selected the winner. Our major criteria will be analysis through Google Analytics metrics like Bounce rate, Bounce time, exit ratio, social shares etc.


Once we’ve selected you as the winner we’ll formally mail you and then send $1500 payment to you, through your desired payment method within one week of announcement. We can send your payment in your Bank Account, Via Cheque, Paypal or Payoneer.


This program has been terminated.


Have any more Questions? Feel free to ask by contacting us.

2016 Finalists

  1. Kayla Wormsbecher. Essay Topic – Iphone 7
  2. Emile Da Silva. Essay Topic – Cardiovascular System
  3. Albert Ralph. Essay Topic – How to Choose headphones (Winner).
  4. Christina Camen. Essay Topic – Has Technology Gone too far?
  5. Yesica Kibry. Essay Topic – Jewelry