Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

Most of us play sports just for recreation. While some sports are more dangerous than others. There are many sports that are extremely difficult to do, even for professionals. In this list, I am presenting you the Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports, you should think twice before taking part in. Here it is:

10. Street Luging:

Street Luging - Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

It is a form of Skateboarding in which a person lays down on a board called “Street Luge Board”, down the paved road.

As more Luge will move, speed will be increased. And that will increase your chances of being hit. It can achieve as much speed as 97 mph.

If you analyze, you will realize that as a person is lay down on Luge, he has very little control over it. At such speed, even a small mistake can convert into a big problem.

9. Heli Skiing:

Heli Skiing

It is a type of skiing in which a helicopter is used for snowboarding. It is a downhill skiing. Exactly opposite to the Ski lift. The major risk in this sport is the occurrence of Avalanches.

Basically an Avalanche is a rapid flow to snow, down the slope. That’s why Heli-skiing requires its operational personals such as guide and pilots, to be physically and mentally prepared for different conditions such as Snow stability and Risk Management etc. In fact there is International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA), which assesses the guides according to standard set.

Other conditions that can further limit the Helicopter’s flying ability are Poor weather, very limited visibility, freezing rain and high winds. Some other dangers of Heli-Skiing include Crevasses on Glaciers, falling into very deep trees, suffocation after falling and of course – Helicopter crash.

8. Big Wave Surfing:

Big Wave Surfing - Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

It is a form of surfing in which well-experienced surfers paddle into waves, using their Surf boards known as “guns” or tow-boards. These waves are of at least 20 ft. length. Yes, at least 20 feet!

Size of Surf boards varies from wave-to-wave and one surfer to another, due to difference in their techniques. But a good rule of thumb is that as longer a board will be, more faster will be the surfer to catch wave and stability will also increase. But on the other hand, it reduces surfing speed.

Major problem in Big Wave Surfing is Big Wave Wipeout. In Big Wave Wipeout, a wave can push surfers 20 to 50 ft. down the surface level. Surfers may have as little as 20 seconds to get back on surface level before next wave can hit them (and push them further down the water).

First of all, at 50 ft. deep, water pressure is strong enough to slam you along the floor or rupture your eardrums. One of the extremely difficult things to survive is the Triple hold-down (when three consecutive wave hit you, one after the other).

Several surfers have been died in accidents from past years such as Mark Foo, Donnie Solomon, and Malik Joyeux. On recent accidents is Kirk Passmore who died at Alligator Rock in November 2014.

So do it if and only if you’re a well-experienced surfer.

7. Scuba Diving:

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is a form of underwater-diving in which a diver uses a breathing apparatus to breathe inside the Water.

It is easier than some other modes of diving because in this, diver don’t have hold his breath. Rather a breathing apparatus is used which use breathing gas (generally compressed gas) in order to breath.

But there are other things are scare you off about this activity. First of all, Vertigo (No, it’s not a drug!) a feeling of movement or you can say dizziness, is one of the risk involved in Scuba Diving. That spinning feeling is even more dangerous in underwater because you can lost.

Another risk in Scuba diving is Tinnitus. If you dive in water with some headache or other ear problem. You are at risk of being affected by Tinnitus, a constant ringing in ears.

At last, here are some other problems you would wish to avoid while Scuba diving such as Hypothermia, Lung Damage and Embolisms etc.

6. Base Jumping:

Base Jumping - Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

Also known as B.A.S.E. Jumping, it is an activity which involves jumping from a fixed high structure such as a Building or cliff. In fact “BASE” is an abbreviation of four different categories such as Building, Antenna, Span and Earth, from which a person can jump. As the case with any other thrill-sport, it is full of dangers and risks.

Just imagine dangers in this sport when I say that its fatality and injury rate is 5 to 8 times more than that of Sky diving. Besides that it is dangerous from Sky diving because in BASE jumping, structures are pretty close to jumping person. He has a danger of being crashing into any other building or so. Other than that, a person has less time to react after jumping, as compared to Sky diving.

5. White Water Kayaking & Rafting:

White Water Kayaking & Rafting

It is an outdoor sport which involves paddling a raft or Kayak in Whitewater of river. A raft/kayak is tried to be handled successfully when river is on full-angry mode. There are many different sort of dangers involved in this particular sport, in different conditions.

First there is a big chance that your raft will overturn when there will be strong flow of river. In that case, you might drown in river. Second, if your foot got caught between any of the stone along the bank of river, then it will be quite difficult to dislodge from it. Broken bones and twisted knees are also a common feature of this “adventure” sport.

4. Cave Diving:

Cave Diving - Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

Cave diving is not a well-popular sport. For those who don’t know, it is Underground diving in caves which are partially water-filled. In almost all of the Cave diving, Scuba equipment is used. Like other sports in our list, it contains many risks such as Sickness, Drowning and Decompression. But even after this, water-filled caves attract a lot of Scuba divers and Cavers.

Talking about its dangers and risks, one thing should be noted that it is a Penetrative Diving. It means when you’re going above, you have to take the same route, from which you first came. In other words, you cannot simply move vertically. Visibility in cave diving can vary from low to non-existent. Another hazard is the absence of Oxygen, in case your breathing gas supply has ended. You cannot go to surface to breathe. You can also hit some inner walls of cave.

3. BMX:


Also referred as Bicycle Motocross, BMX is a cycle sports in which participants performs stunts using his special cycle called BMX Bike. Besides sports, it is also a Recreational activity. In this sport, a driver has to perform different types of stuff while in-air and off-air. As stunts strive for new innovations, sometimes drivers performs too dangerous stunts that are not as easy to do. In doing so, they get many cuts, bruises and even serious injuries.

2. High Altitude Mountaineering:

High Altitude Mountaineering - Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports

High Altitude Mountaineering is referred to climbing mountains that are at very high altitude.Mountain Climbing has always been a crush for Man. Modern Mountain Climbing started in 19th century. At 1960s, all of the tallest mountains of the World have been climbed.Despite that, it is still a very dangerous and extreme sport. Here are some of the reasons why. First, if you go beyond 8000 meter of height, there is insufficient Oxygen for you to even breathe. This can result in unconsciousness, deterioration of body functions, physical weakening or even death.

Then there are some other objective dangers over which you have no controls such as falling rocks, avalanche, lightning strikes etc. Another trick that these condition may play your body is Cheyne-Stokes Breathing. In this, your brain gets tricked by Low Atmospheric Pressure and don’t send signal to your body, to Breathe.

1. Bull Riding:

Bull Riding

Bull riding is very popular among American cowboys as a Roadie sports. But it is as dangerous as popular. As a rider you are supposed to be on top of bull as long as possible (8 seconds in American Bull Riding) while Bull tries to buck you off.

If you go by stats, then one major accident is happened after every 15 events. In February 2011, a 16-year girl Brooke Ann Coats of Florida High School was killed, after being threw off and kicked in her chest by a Bull, in an amateur rodeo at Tampa. Despite wearing her protective wear and helmet, she died after 90 minutes of that incident.

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  1. Amazing list for dangerous sports.. According to me bull riding and Cave Diving are so much dangerous sports even for professionals also. These sports can cause Sickness, Drowning and Decompression to the peoples.

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