How to build a gaming PC
May 25

How to Buy A Gaming PC

By Muhammad Asfand Yar | Apps

The Sony PlayStation 4 has undoubtedly dealt an undermining blow on gaming PCs, but in truth, an adequately endowed desktop or laptop computer is the only way one can truly let loose the thrill of gaming. Therefore, even as new gamers opt for consoles, there’s still a good number of enthusiasts, I included, that would […]

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May 11

How To Build A Custom PC

By Muhammad Asfand Yar | Gaming , Hardware

​This post is a Guest Contribution by Alexander Forrester.About Author Alexander G. Forrester is a freelance content writer. He is also a professional speaker, trainer and business coach from New Orleans. He started writing professionally in his early 30s. He acquired his first computer before he was 35. When he has nothing else to do […]

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May 03

13 Awesome Wi-Fi Facts & Info Everyone Must Know [infographic]

By Muhammad Asfand Yar | Infographics , Networking

Almost every one of us is using the internet for searching various products or services. With the increase in internet services, many people prefer using Wi-Fi technology. From browsing videos, music, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to instant messaging sites like WhatsApp, Vine,Line and much more we are using internet in our daily life.

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